The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


2. first day of school

I couldn't sleep at night i keep waking up from nightmares about school and bullies. Finally i fell asleep again at 5 i slept for and a hour and a half and it was time to wake up i was so scared. i wore skinny jeans and a t shirt from areopastale i looked at the mirror and decided to put my wavy brown hair down then looked at my brown eyes and said " why am i not special?" put my glasses on. i love my glasses i don't have to put them all the time but i do because i feel there is space between me and people and that they can't come too close. i didn't go to school the first three days because my family and I went to Orlando and came back yesterday so i already am a new girl and i was late. I walk to school because it was five minutes away from my uncle's house and we are going to buy a house near it next week. I arrived to school it was so crowded i saw people pushing each other and texting and kissing. i was so scared i breathed and went to get my schedule. First i have human geography i was so scared so i listened to more than this by one direction and calmed myself down and then went in class. i sat in class after i gave my teacher the slip and then sat in a place and i felt all eyes on me finally the period was over i have PE and i was totally lost the school was too big and i barely found anyone to help me finally after going around school a person asked me if i was lost and i asked him were the heck is PE i went there everyone had their PE clothes and i didn't have any so i had to sit alone on the bench but i listened to music  to get my mind of school. the rest of the day was the same not knowing my classes and people looking at me the worst class was chemistry the teacher was weird i hated her she kept asking me questions about my family and i left my dad and my brother like i wanted to!! and all the people were weird too looking at me like i am an alien it was really weird. My art class wasn't so bad but the teacher is also weird i don't like him but at least it is my passion. during lunch i didn't know anyone and my friend or you can say ex friend didn't care i can't believe we were so close but when we moved together she didn't care she doesn't talk to me and say anything so i went to the library and sat there drawing i feel free when i draw away from everyone in my own world and i can do anything there. i went back home no one cared to ask about my first day but they asked after a while i just said it was good i didn't tell anyone i hated it it was not good at all and i don't want to go there anymore but i had to. i went to take a shower and started crying in it why is this happening to me ? why me ? why not someone else i was perfectly happy back at my old house but no we had to move away? i finished brushed my hair and went to start my homework they were hard because i was absent i tried to get my mind of it and opened YouTube watched the video diaries for one direction they were amazing i wish I could meet them and thank them for making me strong. then i decided to open twitter i don't have that much followers but i opened it anyways. Then i tweeted wish i could go back to my old life. then i closed it and went to play the piano my other passion the second thing that reminds me of home beside drawing. every time i play i remember all the good and bad memories with my friends in my old life. then i went to sleep.

One month later

i hate my life i think it's like a routine i study and do homework and sit in class i wish i couldn't go to school sometimes i hide in the bathroom and skip the day or just skip a period. what did i ever do wrong that my life turned upside down? i decided that i needed to talk to someone so i opened twitter and i don't know why but i felt that i can really relate to them even though we never really met and i opened Liam Payne profile and tweeted @liampayne idk why i am sending this i know you will not see it but right now i hate my life and i have no one to talk to and the band is the first one that popped in my head your music saved my life. it cheers me up whenever i am sad which it all the time right now.

i closed twitter and decided to sleep early i put the song more than this and fell asleep on liam’s voice.


what do you think guys?

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