The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


14. everything falling apart


Emily POV


i feel someone shaking me "em wake up you have school!! we have school your mom still thinks i go to school with you come on." i heard Eleanor wait ELEANOR what is she doing in my bedroom....ohh ya LIAM cheated on me..liam his name makes me cry now.


"do i have to go El?" i asked


"yes then they will call your mom" she answered


"i don't want to go i feel like shit all i could think about is him"


"i know love i know that's why you have to go get your mind of liam"




"and you can text me whenever you want now let's go pick something cute on you you are gonna be late."







school looks so sad i can't he's still on my mind and the picture of him kissing Danielle. and PE was hell the annoying girl and guess what she was wearing she had a "i love 1D" t-shirt on thanks to her i had to see his face on her shirt yay again.


from Eleanor my sexy BFF


how's it going hun?


to: Eleanor my sexy BFF


hell a girl had a t-shirt that said i love 1D i had to see his face and i can't take him off my mind and why is your name Eleanor my sexy BFF


from: Eleanor my sexy BFF


aw hun i know what to u should do go draw!! oohh and because i am your sexy bff and you can't deny it.


to: Eleanor my sexy BFF


you are SOOOO LOUIS!! haha and it's a great idea to draw thanks i love ya :P


from: Eleanor my sexy BFF

awww you know that’s a compliment being like lou! And yes draw talk to ya soon. xx







i started sketching and the pic turned out to be liam i couldn't help i had to draw him.


"last time i checked you told me you are not a fan of one direction." 'alex said. alex is my only friend well she tried to sit with me during lunch and stuff i sat with her sometimes and she is really friendly and nice and sweet. she sits next to me during my math class.


"i am not a fan of them."


"then how did you draw that guy's face what was his name? and you didn't have a pic with to copy it?" she asked


"his name is liam and i have my reasons."


"i know his name is liam i just wanted to see if you know it and i am not a fan my sister is so i don't like them at all." she giggled


"what does the teacher wear to school she is so dumb" i said changing the subject


"don't ask me all i think all she have in her closet is clothes that has cats on." she said and i laughed


"you seem kind of off today when you draw during class you draw happy stuff with colors are you okay?" she asked me


"umm ya i am great just didn't get enough sleep yesterday," i lied.





the bell rang...finally and ugh fourth period usually louis comes and take me at this time i miss them already.well i guess i am have to stay the whole period today.


i was on my way to class when i saw a little circle of people around a person with a hoodie sun glasses.


"that guy wants you." a girl said to me she was in my physics class.


that guy with a hoodie and sunglasses in school OHH NO LIAM i am not ready yet.


"em..."he said


"what are you doing here at my school are you crazy do you have any idea what could happen to you." i said. i was facing him people started circling around us...this should be interesting.


"i better go to class." i said and turned around


"no em please just hear me out i just want you to listen to me." he said. i stopped but didn't turn around again to face him because i know i am gonna cry any second.


"no i have no idea what i am getting myself into right now being at your school but i know i am crazy in love with you"he said


"saying you love me doen't change a think liam mom was right i shouldn't dated anyone until i'm older she was right." i cut him


"no em.." he started. i heard the tone of the camera holly shit someone is taping that.


"emily i corrected him. i was still giving him my back


"just hear me out i started dating Danielle during x factor and we dated for 2 years and then suddenly out of the blue she broke up with me. i was devastated sad. i blamed myself it was all my fault i didn't have time for her because of…… because of my work. i promised myself to never ever fall for another girl or hurt another girl. i stayed in my room for a while i didn't want to go out. then after a while someone tweeted me that and she seemed sad from the tweet and when i opened her profile she seemed so sweet yet sad and i figured out that she moved from her hometown to a totally different place and i knew what it feels like to move stay away from you friends and family and i decided to help to become friends i knew i could relate to you." he said that is when is started crying


"liam please stop i can't hear you anymore you were the first guy that i really love and you were my first kiss" i cut him but he stopped me from talking


"no you are gonna listen to me. i became really good friends with her and i returned to my oldself friends with the boys and when they knew how i got back they wanted to meet her and we had the miami thing so we came here and the first time i saw her. she looked beautful. the day before she really met us i came to school is followed her around i saw her draw saw the mean girl in your PE class and during your lunch i saw her play the piano and sing her voice was amazing. we had the best days together and i enjoyed evey single day until yesterday em that girl Is you I love you I’m in love you.  emily i never meant to kiss danielle. she kissed me. i didn't sleep the night at all louis was killing me but he told me that Eleanor was with you. i am really sorry," he said


"liam how could you be sorry she kissed you or who ever kissed who because nobody knew about us it was a secret look at you your are hiding yourself you are still in your hoodie and glasses."i said between my tears


"you want eveybody to know about us? i wanted to but i didn't want you to get hurt" he asked


"wait liam......danielle.....x factor...........eleanor.....louis........break up.....the boys you you are liam payne from one direction" a girl said


"ya ya i am liam payne" he said in a loud voice and took his glasses off and his hoodie.


"emily i love i really do" he said.


"liam no please this is wrong" i turn to face him and he had tears in his eyes he was crying.


"just think about what i said you know where to find me." he said and leaned in brushed my tears and kissed my cheek .


"hello people that is liam payne from one direction i want a picture with him lets go run" and everybody started running after him but I think he got away.





I ran to the bath crying I couldn’t help it I called louis but he didn’t answer.


“aww come here” someone said. It was Alex she hugged me and I didn’t hesitate to hug her back and cry on her shoulder.


“alex I really appreciate your help but you better go to your class.” I said.


“no I won’t leave you alone” she said and I smiled at her. There were still some girls in the bathroom so we didn’t talk at all then my phone ring and I answered.


“louis hey why didn’t you answer when I called please can you come and get me I am in big trouble” I said.


“I’m not louis what did you do? are you crying?” harry said


“haza you have no idea and I can’t talk now please just come and get me” I said


“you are the girl that knows one direction look at yourself you are ugly fat and doesn’t deserve to be their friends and I don’t know what liam sees in you” a girl in the bathroom said


“shut up this is my friend you are talking about and you don’t know anything about her” alex shouted at her


“what’s happening em? Is everything ok” harry said from the phone


“harry I can explain later can you come?” I asked


“ok emily I’ll be there in ten minutes just wait and don’t get in any more trouble okay?”


“ok” I answered


“love ya em” harry said and I smiled


“love you too harry don’t be late” i said and closed the phone


“so that was very interesting!” alex said


“I swear I can explain and thank you for standing up for me” I hugged her.


“give me your phone number” I said


“don’t trust anyone because everyone knows you know one direction they would just want to use you” she warned me.


“I know” I said






“emily look at your eyes what happened?” harry asked the second he saw me everybody was in their classes so none could see harry even though he had his hat on.


I didnt answer him I just ran to him and fell in his arms crying it seems to me that all I am doing these two days is cry.


“sh,sh em your gonna make me cry too let’s go to the car and tell me what happened” he said rubbing my back.


“harry! Why are you my friends? Is it because you just feel bad for me?” I asked after we got in the car and I chilled and stopped crying.


“feel bad em no! it’s not like that at all! You are funny and sweet and it’s so good to be around you.” He says.


“then why did liam kiss her? She was his ex but what is she doing here how did she know you were here?” I asked


“I really don’t know why he kissed her but she had a dancing thing here and uncle simon told her to visit us.”


“Are you gonna forgive him?”


“I don’t know what to do and now everybody knows and I need to tell my mom somehow”


“but you know we are leaving soon”


“that’s what hurts the most” I answered





“emily there is a girl here wants to see you” my little brother said


“is it eleanor! I think it is her just let her come to my room” I shouted I was taking a shower I needed some time to think and the shower is the best place.


Holly shit what the heck is she doing in my room.


“what are you doing here? Did you come here? How did you know I am here? And once again what the fuck are you doing here?” I said after closing the door.


“ok let me answer your questions one by one. First we didn’t really meet I am danielle peazer and I know who you are so ya umm I came here to make things right to explain myself eleanor told me you live here” she said. Her voice was sweet she seems nice I can’t help it but be nice to her she doesn’t seem like a girl who could steal a boyfriend.


“ok danielle it’s really nice to meet you but I can’t look at you without thinking…” I started


“I came here because I wanted to make things right nobody sent me here! I am the one who kissed liam and he didn’t do anything and if it helps I didn’t feel a thing like we used to when we dated. I am really sorry I didn’t know that he was dating someone else I really didn’t I would never ruin someone’s relationship.” She explained.


“I believe you! You seem too nice and too sweet to do something like that and you are so pretty” I smile


“so you forgive me?” she said making puppy eyes


“I forgive” I said and she hugged me tight


“friends?” she asked


“you are eleanor’s friend so I have to!” I smiled.


“so tell me what do you usually do here?” she asked and sat on my bed.


I looked at the clock it was still 6:30 I sigh. “um well at this time I usually do my homework with liam and sometimes louis helps” I smiled remembering the good memories.


“he is wreck you know. He is blaming himself all over again. Eleanor wanted to tell something you but she didn’t have the time to call you.” Danielle said


“um tell me what?” I asked


“that if you didn’t come tomorrow to see liam he and the boys are gonna leave tomorrow at night because he can’t handle it and simon is so mad at him for what he did.” She explained


“they are gonna leave and I think simon hates me without even meeting me” I said


“no he doesn’t come on let me help you do your homework like a good friend and do something fun together. A girl’s night together it’s going to be fun I promise” She said. she is really nice and i think we are going be good friends.



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