The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


10. Disney

Emily POV

"hey guys i want some ice-cream me and em are gonna walk a little and come back" liam said. why did he want ice cream we just ate like an hour ago. today is really fun for now disney really is the happiest place. "why do you want ice cream we ate iceream like a while ago?" i asked

"ohh i dont want ice cream i just wanted to walk a little with you and take you to fun place here!" he said with a smile on his face.

"really! there is something going on but whatever i am with you" i hugged him. he is such a sweet guy.

"you know liam this is really the happiest place!!" i said while we're walking.

"here..." he said

"the kids area and we were laughing at louis yesterday" i laughed

"look it's buzz and woody my favorite movie" i said when i saw they pic

"you like buzz?" liam asked. and he put hood on again.

"yup" i said. I dropped my glasses on the floor and when I got up I bumped in to Liam.

"oww sorry li" i said

"it ok" he said we were so close and he was looking at me our eyes locked. then he started leaning in he's gonna kiss me again. i wanted to kiss again but what if he doesn’t like it what if he didn't say anything. we just end up friends again he was so close and he wa gonna kiss i hesitated and turned my face and his kiss landed on my cheek and when he looked at me he was hurt disappointed and i had to say something 'liam i'm sorry i hesitated i'm afr.." i said and i was cute

"you're afraid i'm the one that should be sorry this was uncalled for it but but why?" he asked

""liam if i let you kiss me it would be the second time and what if you dont" he cut he again

"let me tell you now em i really got here because i wanted to talk to i really really like em! more than friends" he said did he really say that.

"what?" i don’t even know why i asked. then liam got closer to me and held my hand

"em! i like you! and i want to make things right will you be my secret girlfriend?"

liam just asked me out i am freaking out he really like me.

"liam..i really like you too and i would love to be your girlfriend" i said and then liam just crashed his lips on to mine and i felt the spark and the butterfly when i kissed back it felt great and then i pulled away. "you know we are in the kids place" li said and I laughed

"ohh ya" I said and laughed and he held my hand and our fingers fit together just like a puzzle.

"are we gonna tell the other or is it just you and me?" i asked a part of me wanted to tell them but a part said no.

"well i thought we are gonna tell them only of you want to but not now" I said

"you're so cute when you smile" he said and i blushed.

"i don't know girlfriend" he kissed my cheek. girlfriend i will never get used to that i thought,

"you will" he said

"ohh did i said that out loud"

"YUP" he said popping the P, he put his hand around my waist and continued walking

"where were you guys i thought you were just gonna get ice cream" i heard an irish accent when me and liam jumped and he released my waist.

"umm..i wanted to go to the bathroom and i didnt want to go alone so he waited for me and then he got me a sandwich" i lied

"he got you a sandwich without bringing any for me i can't believe that Liam what happened to  niam? " niall said and we both laughed at him.

"at least he bought the lie" i said whispering

"ya he did" liam whispred back and he my hand

"what are you guys whispering?" louis said

"nothing" liam and i said then we started laughing.

we got together with the others but me and liam acted like friends.

we went to to the restaurant to eat liam was sitting infront of me.


i really want kiss you! hug you! tell the world you're finally mine.

i read it and blushed

"who you talking to? seems interesting a big smile on your face and you're blushing!" zayn asked eyeing me.

"what no my brother texted me that the girl he met a month ago! he finally got the guts to ask her out and she said yes and she's his girlfriend now" i said with a smile on my face i looked at liam he winked at me and i blushed.

"well if you say so excuse me i want to go to the restroom i want to see my hair" he said then harry and Louis went too.

"Something is fishy here" niall said

"what?" i asked

"nothing it just feels that something is happening and i don’t know about it" niall said

"i bet you're just hungry" liam said

"maybe! i want to go see the boys stay here " niall said

"was he really saying something fishy?" i asked

"he's just hungry" he said and sat next to me instead of zayn.

he hugged me and kissed my cheek "you're finally mine" he said. i smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips before any of the lads come. but i still can't help what's gonna happen when they go? They are gonna forget about me? liam won't be mine anymore?

we got back to the hotel to sleep for tomorrow liam came to my room,

"so i'll see you tomorow" he said before he was going to get outside.

"ya" i said and he was gonna turn around

"no goodbye kiss?" i asked and made puppy eyes

"anything for my girl" and he crashed his lips on to mine and i kissed him back. the kiss got heaten up and he bit my bottom lip for entrance when i kept my mouth close teasing him when he pulled me closer his hands around my waist and i was playing with his hair when he put my lips again and i opened my mouth his tongue slipped we kissed then we pulled away from gasping for air. i looked at him and our eyes locked.

"your eyes are so beautiful" he said

"liam!" i said blushed

"night love" he said and kissed my cheek.

i took a shower and put my pajamas on when i got a message


good night,love! you're finally my amazing girlfriend.


you are the amazing boyfriend! you're a popstar i'm just a 16 year old normal girl.


don't you ever say that,love. now go to sleep it's a big day tomorrow.


what's tomorrow!!


surprise!!! good night


good night.

i closed the phone and sat on the bed! i couldn't sleep! who am gonna go to! NIALLLLL.

"coming wait a sec.....oh hey em!" niall said when he opened the door.

"what's wrong em?" asked niall

"umm....i couldn't sleep alone i was.."

"aww come here baby girl" niall cut me and hugged me he knew what i was talking about i could never erase the memory of that person.

"don't call me that!!" i said when we got in his room.

"but you are my baby girl my baby sister" he said.

"oh wow and he's the same age as liam and i'm his girlfriend now" whispered to myself

"what did you just say?" niall asked

"what...nothing" i denied

"liam you're his girlfriend he finally asked you when did OMG and he didn't say anything!" niall was talking and talking and talking i couldn't say anything.

"are you dreaming niall what's happening to you" i tried to say something

"aww don't lie to me i won't say anything! liam asked you right" he looked in to my eyes and i couldn't lie.

"ok the truth is yes today and that is why i am here i couldn't go to his room so i came here" i said


i felt someone playing with my hair.

"i tried my best liam yesterday i sang to here and she said i am no liam she finally slept when i gave her the sleeping pill!" the irish accent was so obvious.

"no liam…..she's so cute" liam said and laughed.

"you know liam he is still on her mind even she didn't talk about it! she is scared afraid to stay alone" niall said. he was right i don't want to stay alone.

"i know niall and i am dumb enough to not ask her to come sleep in my room" liam explained.

"she looks like an angel when she sleeps" that was liam aw he's the cute one but he woke me up.

"liam!! you are always serious in your relationship! and i know you but don't forget she is only a sixteen year old girl she's still a little girl don't break her." niall really cared but i am a little girl!

"i know she is just sixteen but something about her so special something about her that i like! and i would never break her" liam said.

"people shut! i was a sleep" i said making sure that they don't know i was awake.

"good morning princess!" liam said

"morning liam niall! liam what are you doing here?" i asked

"well i got to your room and nobody was there called louis he said he doesn't know called niall and he said you are SLEEPING here! so i came to see and by the way it's one in the afternoon! i wanna take out just me and you " liam said and a smile curved on my face.

"you mean a date" niall corected.

"what you know?" liam asked

"it kind of slipped but he promised" i said

"ok let's go get you changed" liam said while taking me outside of naill's room

"wait i want my glasses i can barley see without them" i took my glasses and got outside and bumped in to a wall.

"oww" i said rubbing my head.

"so you told me you can't see without your glasses!" he started laughing and then hugged me and kissed my for head. he held my hand and they fit like a puzzle.

"at least you're in your pajamas" someone said from behind me and me and liam jumped and pulled our hands away.

"louis you freaked me out" i said

"so what were you two doing?" eyeing us.

"nothing" we both said

"yup that doesn't seem like nothing" louis said.

"whatever i am gonna go change i got a daaaate... a date with food" i said i am so dumb.

"a date with food" liam said and started laughing.

"i am going to see hazza and zayn" louis said

"can i crash your date with food?" asked liam after louis turned and walk away.

"i would love that" i said and smiled my big smile.

"you are amazing" liam said and kissed me lightly on my lips.

“so where do you want to take me?” I asked

“well…where do you want to go love?” Li asked.

“being with you is enough,” I said.

“you’re just too cute.” He answered and kissed. I’ll never get used to this.

“ok then Friday’s?” he asked

“but it’s not Friday today,” I stated

“silly girl.” He said while getting out of my room.

“would you please stop taking pictures of me LI?” I asked

“but I want to remember everything it’s our first date.” He  answered

“at least take a picture of us not me alone.” I said

“ok then smile.” And he took a picture of us and at the last second he kissed me.

“see you look beautiful.” He said

“what do you think the boys are going to say when they find out about us?” I asked

“they want us to be together they’ll be happy.” He said kissing me.

“stop with the kissing Li we are in public.” I said

“yes liam with the hoodie is in public but liam payne is not.” He said kissing me again this timed I kissed him back.

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