The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


9. can't sleep

Emily POV:

after what happened earlier today i felt down i tried not to get bothered but who wouldn't think about it i was about to get raped. Really!! Liam was such a gentlemen i don't know what would i do if he wasn't in my life! he really helped me out in everything he made me smile from my heart i knew he liked me but does he still like me after what happened today? i don't think so! it might be only like a onetime crush thing.

"you could share with me em" liam said.

"Thanks Liam"

we headed to the hotel

"we are sleeping here too! wow i love you guys!" i said

"Liam’s idea" louis said

i kissed liam's cheek and thanked him. liam gave me my room key and took my stuff there and then kissed me good night. i went and took a shower then wore liam's shirt again it's cozy and it has his nice vanilla smell. i sat on the bed for a while but i couldn't sleep i was scared i couldn't the man was still in my memory and i don't know any of the boy's room number except for liam i bet they are all asleep but, i'll go see if liam is still awake.

i knocked at the door twice and nobody answered and i thought he was asleep so i decided to head back when somebody flew the door open.

"sorry i was talking a shower. ohh hey em" liam said he had a towel drying his hair with it and he was shirtless and he looked hot.

i didn't know what to say "come on in em you don't need an invite!"

"Umm i couldn't sleep and i just umm didn't know any of the boy's room number and ya i don't know" he was putting his shirt on.

"ya so you kind of busy! see you tomorrow" i didn't want to head back but i didn't know what to say.

"no em stay i know you don't want to stay alone! tell what let's go down and take a walk, love" liam said while holding my hand.

"thanks liam i just didn't know what to say"

"it's ok love"

we headed down the world seem so peaceful and amazing it was not crownded.

"it's so peaceful out here" i said breaking the silence

"ya it is it's like a whole different place" he said and he put his hood on

"why did you put it on no one would see you here"

"i know but i don't want to talk any chances and and i don't you to be in any harm" Li said! harm? really

"as you wish"

"let's go sit on the bench" he said

we sat and he was still holding my hand and our fingers together when  i started playing with my fingers and his i didn't notice what was i doing until i realized it's his hand

"ohh sorry”

we sat there for a whole for a while and i rest of head on his shoulder "the sky is so pretty with and the stars are amazing" i said

"no as beautiful as you" liam said in a low voice maybe he didn't want me to listen.

"what?" i asked

"um nothing i just said yes it is" he said.

i moved my head and kissed his cheek and i could see him blush in the dark.

"what was that for?" he asked

"thank you! liam for everything! for saving me today for taking me here and especially for answering my tweet" i said.

"Em!! i should thank you for tweeting me i would've never met this amazing person" he said and hugged me. it started raining a little and then he held my hand.

"what are you doing Li?"

"What you never danced in the rain before come on i know you love the rain" he said while twirling me in the rain.

"there is no music liam and yes i love the rain i don't know how to dancewithout that music" he said.

"ok" i said smiling at him. and then we started dancing a little and couldn't help but smile and at the end there was 3 other older people around us so i just stopped. even though the moment was perfect and his hands on my waist my hands around his neck. under the stars and rain but i stopped about moved.

"why did u ...?"

"there's people liam" i cut him. i didn't know why i stopped

we walked a little in the rain when suddenly it started pouring.

"come em you are already wet we have to go inside"

"no Liam it is so nice i love the rain"

"you will get sick"

"no i wont"







"see you said yes" liam said.

"because you said no after i said no! ugh not fair"

"come on i don't want to get wet" he said and he was already wet from the rain

"ok then stay here alone." when he said that i really jumped and hugged him and went inside with him.

"don't ever say that again" i was still hugging him.

"i am sorry you weren't moving and i had to say that but i wasn't gonna leave you I will never leave you" he said and brushed dome hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear and tear fell i didn't know why but it just fell and we headed to the elevator.

"i am really sorry emily i didn't mean to" he said

"i know liam it ok! it's just what happened today and everything"

"i know come here" he said and i hugged him.

and we got to his room, "so ya um good night liam"

"i know you don't want to go! stay here" liam said and he was looking in my eyes and that really was the truth.

"i don't know liam but i really don't wanna sleep alone" i answered he didn't say anything and he dragged me in the room.

"see was it hard" he said while laughing and then i laughed with him.

then he took and pair of pants and a t shirt and threw the t'-shirt at me

"you would feel more comfy in this shirt than what your wearing and it would probaby look like a dress on you" he said and smiled at me and then went in to the bathroom.

"can i come out of the bathroom now em?" he asked

"ya liam i finished changing" i said and then he got out with only his pants on. wow he looks good.

he sat on the bed and i was still standing not knowing what to do.

"come here em don't be shy" when he said that i knew my face wa like a tomato now. his shirt was big on me but it's like a short dress and if mom figured what happened  today and that i was sleeping next to him she would kill me. then i went and sat next him. well he was lying under the sheets and then he pulled me next to him. i rested my head on his bare chest and snuggled next to him.

"go to sleep em you had a long day today and tomorow we are gonna have fun" he said

"what are we gonna do tomorrow any ways?" i asked

"well we are going to the happiest place and i love it and you do too"

"what's the happiest place?"

"it's a surpise em" he said and started singing to me "change my mind" his voice was amazing and playing with my hair

"you know liam"

"yes em?"

"when i was a little kid my mom used to sing to me and play with my hair before i sleep all the time and i always fall asleep fast" i said

"well i'll keep that in mind for next time and my mom used to sing to me before i sleep too" he said and returned singing to me and i drifted to sleep.

he was running after me. he had a knife and my legs are hurting me and my hands are bleeding. i fell on the ground

"did you really thing you are gonna hide from me?" he asked me

"what do you want please leave me alone" i said he started kissing me then he moved his hands to my shorts and to them off. and i started shouting

"no one will hear you shut up and let me enjoy" he said i tried to fight but i couldn't

"ahhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" i shouted

"it's just a dream emily" liam said after i woke up. i was crying so hard and i couldn't stop.

“sh em! i am really sorry! it's just a dream" he hugged me and started playing with my hair and i stopped there was no more tears. i rested my head on his chest again and he kept playing with my hair and started singing and i fell asleep again.


"hey liam we want to go to eat break" i heard someone get in the room. why would say liam i open my and i see i was snuggled to liam and my head was on his chest ohh i remember now.

"did you two?" louis asked

"no louis it's not what it looks like i just couldn't sleep and he kind of helped me sleep" i said liam was still asleep but he woke up.

"moring beautiful hope you slept good after the dream you just woke up in the middle of the night" liam said

"what are you doing here louis?" liam asked

"just enjoying the view here with you and em"

"that's not what it looks like louis" liam tried to explain

"ya ya ya ya i know emily explained we have to go eat breakfast if you wanna go to...." louis said but liam cute him

"i didn't tell her where so shush it up big boy"

"ahh come on i wanna know" i said

"then move your butt and go dress nothing fancy normal" louis said i was still in liams arms

"but i like it here it's warm and i am still tired" i said

"well then stay here the whole day and we would go enjoy" louis said

"i hate you" i said

"that's why you love" louis said and i smiled

"lets go em you will really like the surprise" liam said and got out of the bed so i got too.

"you you are wearing liam's shirt!! i wanna now happened or i will tell everyone you slept together" louis said

"seriously lou i am a virgin i am not like you guys i am a normal teenage girl well i still consider myself a little girl not a rock star and sleep with everyone i see"

"hey we don't sleep with everyone" louis liam said and i laughed

"i am going to my room" i said

"coming with you" louis said

"seriously lou"

"so that's it! Nothing happened between you guys you're still just friends?" louis asked after i told him the story while i was changing in the bath room. i wore a blue shirt and white shorts. and let my fair fall on my shoulder.

"yes and he doesn't like me that way.. shit i forgot my glasses at liam's room i won't be able to see far away!" i said

"i will text him to get them for you. and he really liked you wait a bit you will make a move soon" louis said and went to eat.

"DISNEY OMG liam thank you thank you i love disney" i was so surprised

"see i told you you would love the surprise and you're welcome i know you love disney as much as i love it" then he kissed my cheek

"come one let's go guys you are too slow" i started running

"you are running we aren't the slow one" niall said

"ya niall is right" zayn said

"race you to the icecream place." harry said

"okay one started at 2 not fair" i started shouting at him


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