The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


11. Busted

Emiy POV:

"Seriously wait a minute why knock so hard on my door?" i asked zayn when i opened the door he was knocking the door so hard i can feel the whole room shakes.

"wow you look good! and you're late everyone is waiting for you at the swimming pool it's 2 in the afternoon" zayn says. Everyone wanted to go swim and then go watch a movie in the cinema. so i went and put on my blue bikini but I wore shorts because i don't think i am that skinny.

"ok ok i am ready" i said and we got down stairs.

nobody was in the swimming except for niall and of course no one was there except for us and it was so big i saw Louis hold his iPad talking and i have no idea with who when harry came.

"you look good do you want to come to my room and have so fun" he said and winked

"LOUISSS harry is being a perv again" i shouted to louis.

"harry keep your hands off Em you perv" louis shouted and he was coming toward us. i knew harry was just kidding.

"no no she's not a threat she's just a little girl...i know i know... hear me out" i heard louis saying when he came to us.

"who are you talking to?" i asked


"Eleanor who's she?" i asked

"my girlfriends" he said

"OMG you have a girlfriend that is so cute why didn't I know that I want to see her" i took the ipad from him and ran away to the corner.

"hey i am emily" i said

"who are you! and what are you doing with my boyfriend?" she asked me

"don't worry i don't like him that way! and after all i am only 16 so he is kind of old for me" i said then she started laughing.

i was holding the ipad looking at her i turned out they were skyping "OMG louis she is so pretty" i said and almost shouted so louis can hear me when i felt two arm around my waist and then whispered in my ear "you are the pretty one" it was liam and kiss me on the cheek.

"LIAM i was video..." i wanted to continue when Eleanor cut me.

"OMG you two are together and i didnt know! you look so cute you make such a cute couple but wait didn't you tell me you're just 16 you're young" she started talking and talking.

"El there is nothing going on between us" liam said.

"what do you mean i am only 16" i said. i was sad everybody says i am still a little girl.

"comeon it's obvious that you two when he kissed you the look at you" she said

"just don’t tell anyone nobody knows only niall" liam said.

'take it liam" i gave liam the ipad and ran away crying.

"wait emily" i heard liam shouting.

i am tired of people telling me i am a little girl fragile i don't want to be a little girl. i ran outside the swimming pool and went inside and sat on the floor crying i hugged my legs and rested my head. i felt two hands around me hugging me i opened my eyes and of course it was LIAM.

"why do you come after me? why don't you leave me alone?" i asked

"i don't want you to go i don't want to lose you. tell me why are you crying is it because El said you're only 16?" he asked.

"liam everybody keep saying i am a little girl. not mature not an adult. even you even niall everyone. i was awake today when niall told you not to hurt me that i am only 16 and then today louis says to El that i am not a threat i am only a little girl. and she says i am only sixteen like i am nothing a little baby. Li i don't want to be a baby girl. they know i am not good enough for you and when they figure we are together they would just say don't hurt me." i started crying.

"you are my princess and i will not let anyone hurt and i will tell them to stop calling you that and who said you don't deserve me. i am the one who doesn't deserve a special girl like you." then he got up and pull me kissed me lightly on my lips.

"come on let's go enjoy the rest of the day" he said.

we went back in to the swimming pool niall wasn't swimming anymore and then he came and said: "aww come here baby girl don’t you want a horan hug." i laughed and cried at the same time i looked at liam and he knew that i was pissed he said babygirl again.

"New rules guys noone and i mean noone call Em a baby girl or a little girl or anything like that" he said

"except for me i am the big brother the uncle and Em i talked to El she is sorry and tomorrow when we go to interview you are gonna skype with her and get to know her she likes you already" louis said i smiled and nodded. i felt two hands hold me and throw me in the swimming pool.

"LIAMMMMM i am gonna kill you" i said and laughed.

"ok BIG girl i come in peace" he says and jumps in the pool.

"please stop just stop" i said he was splashing me and i can't help it it annoys me.

"ok ok" he says and comes closer to me and looks in my eyes and whispers "i really wanna kiss you now."

'Li Eleanor knows niall knows it's obvious if you keep acting like that you don't really want the lads to know yet" i whispered

"what are you guys whispering?" asked zayn

"ya what are you two whispering" niall said. he was teasing us he knows.

"i just asked him what movie are we going to watch" i lied

"why do i feel like you are lying" louis said but i didn't respond.

we played and swam it is going great for now.

"i am going to the rest room" louis said.

"Guys come here i need to show you something but not you liam you stay with em" louis shouted. they all went.

"Now that we are alone" liam said and looked at me then started to get closed.

"liam they could come back any second" i said

"he want to show them something it's going to take a while" he assured me. we were in the middle of the pool liam can reach the floor but i couldnt he pulled me closer to him and i wrapped my legs around his and he crashed his lips to mine i didn't hesitate to kiss me back i felt him smile and i couldn't help but smile when i was kissing him. the kiss was heaten up. his hands were around my waist i was playing with his short short hair.

"Busted" louis shouted. we were surprised and liam bit my lip.

"Ow liam" i said my hands was around his neck.

"i swear i didn't say anything it was Louis’s idea to spy on you guys" niall said.

"sorry,love" liam apologized. Then kissed my cheek

"wait what" liam asked. i pulled away from liam it was so awkward.

"you two are so busted" louis said and the boys started laughing.

"shit" i mummbled.

"i can't believe you guys you didn't tell us and niall you knew?" harry asked.


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