The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


12. back to REALITY

Emily POV:

The boys were pissed at first but when we told them that it was just yesterday they were happy for us. the movie was awful it was a scary movie the only good part was i sat on liam's lap.

"would you please stop kissing" harry said we were on our way back to the hotel after the awful movie.

Liam pulled away from me "No harry I am sorry" and the he kissed me again but i pulled away.

"are we there yet?" i asked.

"fifteen more minutes." Liam said.

i rested my head on his lap and he started playing with my hair when the darkness took me.

i opened my eyes and the sun was shining. Wait how did I get here? I looked around my room.....Liam my sweet boyfriend. i put my glasses on and went to take a shower and wear shorts with blue t-shirt. ohh today the boys have the interview thing well i have the Skype with Elenaor i am still pissed but she seems nice.

i went down to the breakfast and everyone was there.

"sleep well?" liam asked

"like a little kid i didnt even feel that you carried me to my room."

"who said it's me?" he asked with a smirk on his face. noone was in the room except for us so I leaned in and kissed.

"because you Liam the sweet guy that would never wake his girl up you're my liam." i whispered.

"I like the sound of that and you're my emily" and kissed me.

"Seriously from the morning we are trying to eat" Niall said

"my eyes my beautiful innocent eyes. ahh my eyes" louis started shouting.

"guys really and you're the one who is 20" i said and everyone laughed

they all went to the interview and i skyped with El yup we are friends now and i have her number. she turned out such a sweetheart and i can see what louis sees in her they are so cute together.

"so how's was EL today?" louis asked

"she is so nice and pretty she's a keeper." i said and it was true she's a keeper she's so pretty.

"it's like 11 pm guys tomorrow we have to go back so we are gonna wake up early go to your rooms soon i have to go call my mom." liam said. and kissed me lightly.

"Goodnight love" he whispered.

"night" i replied.

louis and harry excused their self by they wanted to go swim and then niall went and me and zayn left alone.

"so i guess i better go liam would kill me if he knew i kept you up" zayn said.

"wait...zayn can i ask you something?"

"anything em you know i am always here for ya."

"what's going to happen?" i asked


"us when you all go back after two weeks? are we gonna stay friends?  what about Liam? i always try to not think about it but it's real you're a going to go and i will go back to my old boring life without after i got used to all of you?"

"Emily i promise we will stay in touch and stay talking to you and visit you when we can. You’re like my other little sister and i love you. Liam he likes you he really does and you'll always talk we will never forget you i promise" he came closer and hugged me.

"thanks zayn." i said.

"i know we aren't that close but you are a great smart girl. look at yourself you are amazingly talented you draw you play the piano and you could sing that is really amazing"

"thanks zayn" and i started laughing

"why are you laughing?"

"you used your name twice in that sentence amazayn!!" i said. he started laughing.

"night emily i hope you believe me." he said

"good night zayn and i do believe."

What a morning i got my period and i am always not in a good mood on the first day. ugh this is gonna be an interesting day. i packed my stuff and dressed put my glasses on and went down to eat breakfast.

"morning beautiful" i heard someone whisper.

"morning Li i missed you we didn't talk that much yesterday." i said

"i'm sorry it was a busy day" he said and kissed me. i will never get used to that. he went and got a plate and felt two arms on my waist and started tickling me.

"LOUIS what the heck would you please stop it not in a good mood. it's still morning" i shouted

"wow EM in a bad mood. better not get on the bad side" louis said.

"you have no idea what's going to happen not in a good mood at all"

"i am scared wooooo" he started making voiced and laughed so i just got away to eat because i just might end up killing someone.

"please shut the fuck up i was to sleep" i said the ride till now is going to be the end of me.

"Em language" liam said to me.

"ugh liam i am tired"

"come here." he said he i rested my head in his lap he started playing with my hair and singing to me untl i fell asleep.

"finally i am home! home sweet home." i said while harry parked the car.

"guys you go ahead and go back home i will take emily with her bag safe in the house i want to  ask her something about eleanor." louis said

"bye love" liam came and kissed me.

"so what's wrong with El?" i asked


"well that's good...wait nothing then why did you say.."

"if liam didn't notice that doesn't mean i didn't notice."

"what?" i asked.

"lay down. i know why you aren't in a good mood! you know i have sisters." he said and i felt my cheeks are getting warm.

"i'm good louis thanks for the help..bye" i tried to push him out of my room but i was so tired.

"come on you are like my little sis." he said he put me in bed and started singing to me but not like liam and fell asleep.

stupid phone ringing why? it is still 6:30!!!

"hello?" i said

"ohh i knew you would be still asleep! good morning love." ahh liam i should've looked at the ID

"what's so good about this morning? and why the heck are you calling me from 6:30 AM?" i asked

"because my beautiful Emily you have school did you really think that you are skipping school today !! ohh i am sorry and i am not going to get you early today because you have to know what you missed." he said

"noo why? liam i thought you are my boyfriend the one that let me out of school not my mother or dad that makes me go to school!!"

"i know love but i have to do that and you have to know what you missed!"

"i hate you" i said getting up from bed.

"and that is why you love me. see you after school love,"

"so i am gonna see you today." i asked

"ofcourse but after school we do your homework together and then i would take you out on a date."

"date? yay love you LI now i have to go change bye"

BYE" he replied.

ahh i forgot about school. here i am in the stupid classes doing nothing i wish liam was here singing to me playing with me kissing me. This reality only two weeks left and they are gone.


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