The Move

Emily's life is about to change she just moved to Florida and has to go to high school and she doesn't want to! She is too shy to talk to people! She knew her life is over that's what she thought but she also had the music of one direction she was a fan and their music always cheer her up! will she ever meet them?


17. all it takes is coldstone and oreo shake

Liam POV

"You were amazing" Alex told Emily.

She really was amazing she used to tell me that piano was her escape she forgets everything around her and just plays her heart out.

"Let's go celebrate" John said.

"Wait let me introduce you guys to each other." Emily said

"Boys meet John and Alex my best friends" she said

"John, Alex these are..." She started  but alex cut her.

"Ohh let me! The heart breaker" pointing at me oh wow.

"the three musketeers" pointing At niall harry and zayn

"Aka the best best best friend" pointing at harry

"Aka Theodor from Alvin and the chipmunks" pointing at niall

"Aka Alvin the bad chipmunk" pointing at zayn with a grin on her face.

"Last but not least LOUIS the TOMMO Tomlinson the uncle the big brother the savior." Pointing at Louis.

"Ohh ya and Eleanor right? The famous best friend the uncle's girl friend" she said pointing at el.

"Oh well she kind of have her own nicknames for you guys sorry!" Emily said looking at the floor playing with her fingers.

So I am the heart breaker yay!!!

"We'll I like mine" harry smiled "not so sure about you li." With a smirk on his face and I shot him a death glare.

"Ok guyz!! Where do you wanna go?" she  asked Eleanor changing the subject.

"Well lets go the cheese cake factory! Em loves it" John said. Smiling at em.

I guess I have a competition i don't even know that place she never told me about it. They all said ya and started moving.

"Umm a little help here guyz!" Em said. Omg I could've helped her how did I forget I need to find a way to talk to her.

"Ohh I'm sorry Em I forgot" John said and started to help her walk.

"Ok we can all go in on car our car is big enough" harry said.

Alex John zayn sat at the back. Me Emily eleanor and niall sat next to each other. Louis was driving and harry was sitting next to him.

We got to cheese cake factory weird name i know right! I really want to talk to her but I don't know how when and what to talk!

"So tell us Em how did you sing in front of everyone you said you don't want to tell anyone but you did great by the way" Louis said

"Well there was nothing to do after you guys left i had to find something to fill my time so John here convinced me to sign up for the talent show and my music teacher told me to join the band." She said.

I still have this question should i ask her should i talk!

"How did you learn the guitar you told us that you didn't know hot but always wanted to learn it." I said

"Ohh well.." She started

"I taught her she said she wanted to learn it and I taught her and she is great now she picked it up easily" John cut her. Ohh well I didn't want to know that was the answer.

"Um I'll be right back i just need to use the rest room!" Em said

"Do you need help?" John asked

"No please John stop being too nice i do know how to pee by myself." She snapped.

"It's your entire fault." Alex said pointing at me.

"I know I want to fix things i don't want to make it worse" I said playing with my fingers

"You better no matter what she does it still reminds her of you! She still loves you. I don't want her to be back with you but maybe it's the right thing." Alex said

"You better fix things fast!" Eleanor said. I couldn't answer. Because of HaRrY!

"Oh my gosh is that harry styles" a girl shouted. Ohh no we are busted!!

"Guys go separate ways and we meet at the van or find something out ok." I said and everybody got separated. Oh Emily I have to get her. There she is between the whole crowd.

"Don't touch me" she shouted and closed her eyes she didnt see it was me. I pulled her in to the elevator which just stopped and there was no light anymore! YaY!

"I swear who ever you are I can kick you with my cast where the sun doesn't shine." She said and i could feel she is almost going to cry and i can't help but laugh.

"Liam?" She asked me softly ohh so knows my laugh really.

"I'm sorry i just wanted to help you when I saw you between the whole crowd and you could barely move and i don't want to be kicked where the sun doesn't shine thank you" i said and smiled.

"Sorry about that and thank you for helping i guess  now what?" Said and sat on the floor.

"I don't know! They will figure out that it stopped working and are you ok?" I asked. And she started crying.

"My leg it just hurts alot someone stepped on it" she said hugging her feet.

My phone started ringing. It's harry!

"Ya harry thank you so much for gets in to all that mess" I said

"Where are you!" He asked

"I am with em stuck in the elevator." I said

"So that's you guys haha!l" he laughed

"Not funny at all harry now tell me when are they going to get us out of here?" I asked

"An hour" he said like something simple

"An hour oh god ok" i said

"So what did he say!" Emily's asked

"My lovely harry said they need about an hour!" I said and she face palmed herself. I sat down next to her.

Emily POV

An hour with Liam alone ohh god no please no why! Oh well got to cope with it! He sat next to me. I know a great way out of this awkward moment and i just closed my eyes.

"Em ?" Liam asked! I am not gonna answer.

"Oh..your neck must be hurting sleeping like this" he mumbled pulling me on his lap and started playing with my hair ohh no i didn't think he would do that but it still feels good with him playing with my hair me in his arms.

"I missed you I really do I never meant to hurt you I never wanted to kiss dani! Eleanor told me you became friends with her and I was really happy when she told me that you are unique the way you sang today you are going to be great one day! Your going to be famous i am sure! I want you back and I am going to win you back somehow at least friends i still love you i never stopped I still think it's my fault but i am going to fix it. No matter what I’ll move here for you. Do anything for you I miss you….i love you" He said and kissed my cheek.

I was going to cry i want him back too but I can't at least not that fast i love him too but I have to wait he said it himself he'll try everything. He kept playing with my hair and i drifted to sleep.



I felt Someone moving me around I opened my eyes Liam was holding me bridal style.

"You know you could've just woke me up and walk!" I said


"You looked so peaceful and your leg hurts i don't want to see you hurt" he said and a big smile on his face.

"Put me down please " I said

"Why?" He asked

"First i want to move second even if you have a hood and glasses on paparazzi might know who you are I don't need any more hate" I said

"I'm sorry about everything" he said putting me down.

"Let's not talk about it now" I said. And he started walking

"I told you to put me down but I kind of need help i don't have my crutches" I said

"Ohh sorry." He said and put his hand on my waist and i can't help but feel the butterflies. I put my hand around his neck and started jumping

" you didn't eat anything and the boys all went where do you want to go?" He asked

"No thank you Liam" I said

"Aww come on Em I know you want ice cream?" he said with a smirk on his face.

"cold stone? Milkshake it's your favorite i know!" He said

" I am not hungry" I said

"Ok then but we are going there anyways it's a minute away walking and I want" he said.

"Just sit here and rest I'll go get my delicious amazing cold refreshing ice cream" he said trying to make me get one.

"I won't Change my mind Liam I don't want one" I said. But I really wanted but i won't tell him.

"Oreo milk shake for the stubborn lady and cookies and cream ice cream for me." He said

"I told you I don't want" I said with a smile on my face

"And I know you can't fight the Oreo shake even if you are going to throw up so come on take it" he said. And I just shook my head! He took a sip for the milk shake

"Ohh yum how tasty this is" he said and took a spoon from his ice cream.

And then handed me the shake but this time i took it!

“told ya you can’t resist your orea shake.” He said

“ohh I can want me to throw it in the trash.” I said

“no just drink it please. For Louis.” He said. And we sat down on the table talking.

"Ohh this should be good! Well what the girls going to do this time knowing that you two are together I can’t wait! Hope you enjoy your weekend Em because next week is going to be hell" Brianna said with an evil smile  I just looked at the floor and silently crying.

"Who is that and what did she mean?" Liam asked me.

"Briana my enemy well she considers me that I never did anything! And she's the one that broke my leg! And what she means that next week is going to be a living hell because YOU are back here and you are seen with me" I said. Still looking at the floor. He came next to me hugged me. How I missed being in his arms.

" I'm sorry Em I keep messing up" he said and took my hand and squeezed it. I pulled my hand

"I'm not ready Liam it's too early you just came back! I have no idea what's going to happen but not now please just  take me home" I Said. His smiled turned and he just nodded!



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