A girl tries desperately to change a guy only to be betrayed. Copyright (C)


1. Retrovirus


His perception was that of the towns player

but she worked hard and peeled back his layers. 

She was proud of the man he had become 

and all the hardship they had overcome.


But she knew not of the evil he was hiding

while the layers, deep she was confiding.

She expressed her love in every way possible

but he had trapped her in his obstacle.


Whenever they were out he took over the show 

he worked everyone just like a pro. 

She knew not of the games he played

for if she did she would feel betrayed. 


His love was a virus, hurtful and manipulative,

saying whatever was necessary for her to be held captive. 

He used and abused everything in his way

leaving her without a say.


She was left a miserable state

while he went on to tag his next bait.

He knew anything was possible

for he was unstoppable. 

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