Painful Reminders

Drowning in your own pain while trying to find a way to move on. Copyright (C)


1. Painful Reminders


It erases the pain, 

my personal opiate,

taking control of the voices in my head.

making me forget what happened, 

and what comes next.

No matter where I turn the blade is always there

waiting to strip me till I’m bare.

I watch as my skin parts

and wait for the tears to start. 

I don’t want this blade to define me.

this is not who I’m supposed to be.


Pain touches everyone, 

but they seem to know how to heal. 

I wish someone would let me in on this secret, 

why was I left in fear. 

The blade lead me astray, 

but now my words must lead the way. 

Finally I tell my tale,

and start my path to heal.


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