Love hurts !

Nana was so excited its her wedding in 2 hours she put on her wedding dress some makeup and went to her gonna-be-her-husband 's house she had a key he gave her one and she entered his room to see him with a naked women .... Her mom the only one she had the only one she could trust , stabbed her in the back ..... Will she forgive them ? NO !
Nana meats one direction who helps her out will she and niall fall in love ?


3. Watching a movie

When we arrived to their house i was looking at the most beautiful house i had ever seen we entered the house and WOW!! What a mess i said in my heart
Yah thats what 5 guys house who are living alone should look like answered harry
Ooups did i say that out loud ? I asked and they all said yes
Umm sorry i said with red cheeks as they all said its okay they showed me around a bit and they showed me a big room and said that it was mine i was so shocked i had never ever had that big of a room only for me !
Then when we were finished and they showed me every single part of the house we decided to watch a movie and they picked a romantic one and i was all covered with tears remembering what aiden and mom did to me when all of a sudden the boys hugged me and we were all in a group hug
Then i asked if someone can be Nice and give me something to wear instead of the dress that made me remember memories between me and aiden so niall was the first one to say :mee in a funny sound

Niall's p.o.v:

She asked us if anyone can give her something to wear insteed of her dress because it made her disgusted and remember memories about AIDEN ouuf everytime i hear his name i feel like i wanna punch him on the balls Even though i don't know how he looks
Anyways i jumped up and volunteered to give her something to wear as i held her hand to take her to my room i said : here let me take u to my room
All the boys said: awww , in a teasing way
As louis said: yah just don't end up in the bed
As the others laughed
Me and nana went to my room as i gave her some pj's to wear
She entered my bathroom and came back after 5 minutes with my pj's she looked funny so i laughed from the bootom of my heart
Shut upp !! She said with a jocking voice
And that made me laugh even harder
So she gave me a small punch on my hand as she sat on the couch and started crying
Hey im sorry i didn't mean to make u cry its just that u look really cute. I said with i worried voice
No itnot you its just that i remembered something about aiden she said as she wiped of her tears and and said that ass doesn't mean anything to me now
Soi gave her ahug and she hugged me back then i kissed her on the cheeks as we kept on hugging each other
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