Love hurts !

Nana was so excited its her wedding in 2 hours she put on her wedding dress some makeup and went to her gonna-be-her-husband 's house she had a key he gave her one and she entered his room to see him with a naked women .... Her mom the only one she had the only one she could trust , stabbed her in the back ..... Will she forgive them ? NO !
Nana meats one direction who helps her out will she and niall fall in love ?


2. On the way

After the train arrived to i don't know were i didn't here well we took another train and while we were chatting and they asked me to talk about my self so i said :
I'm 20 years old my name is nana and that i love the color pink my parents were divorced before my fathers death in 2 years i lived with my mom who i was my mother and father in the same time after that i fell in love with a guy called aiden who i was gonna marry today but then i caught him with my mom in bed just 2 hours before our wedding and i just ran were ever my feet took me and then i found myself here and umm .... I'm a directioner and i always wanted to meat u guys but i never wanted to meat you in this situation i said with a small laugh
I din't even realize that i was crying till niall put his hand under my eyes and asked me not to cry
The look on their eyes showed me that they were shocked and confused
Then i broke the awkward silence by asking them about themself which was silly bcz u know they're one direction
And everybodY talked about themselves and as they were done the train stopped and the boys showed me the way to their car as some paparazzi came running to us and took some pictures and started to ask why was i wearing a wedding dress and who am i gonna marry from the boys
And when we were all in the car i started laughing out loud and so hard
They looked at me and said :whats wrong?
I said between laughs they think i'm getting married to one of u ooff fans will really hateme after they publish everything on tv
They smiled and before we knew it we arrived
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