Love hurts !

Nana was so excited its her wedding in 2 hours she put on her wedding dress some makeup and went to her gonna-be-her-husband 's house she had a key he gave her one and she entered his room to see him with a naked women .... Her mom the only one she had the only one she could trust , stabbed her in the back ..... Will she forgive them ? NO !
Nana meats one direction who helps her out will she and niall fall in love ?


1. In the train station

Nana's p.o.v
I put on my beautiful white puffy wedding dress i was so excited that in 2 hours i'm gonna be his and he's gonna be mine ! I put some make up on and went to his house i didn't have to nock i had a key he gave me it to show me that he trusted me as i entered the house it was silent i went to his room as the door was closed i opened it and entered just to see him with a naked women in bad , they still didn't see me until i screamed : WHAT THE FUCK AIDEN
They turned and looked at me shocked the women was m-my m-m-mom i felt tears down my cheeks as i ran i ran and left my car i ran with no end until i found my self in the trains station i got on the first train i saw and sat there and just bursted crying i put my head on my hands closed my eyes as the tears never stopped

Liams pov :
-----2 hours earlier-----
We were so bored until i came up with the thought of gowing on a trip in the train all the boys agreed and we put on some jeans and t-shirts instead of our pj's it took us half an our to get ready and one hour on the way to the train station as we got some tickets to the first train and settled our self as a beautiful bride with tall brown tall hair that was dipdied pinks her makeup were ruined because of her crying hardly she ran to the train and sat on the closest chair she saw as she cried more and more her dress was so beautiful bat it was dirty on the end probably because she was wondering the streets as she was crying her eye's out we all looked at each other and we all were thinking of her what was up with her why the tears and why was she here not at her wedding

Nialls p.o.v :
That beautiful bride seemed no younger nor bigger then 20 shewas so beautiful she looked so sad and mad i felt bad for her i wanted to ask the boys if they knew her but they seemed all shocked as they were looking at her and each other the poor girl didn't stop crying since she came on this train i stood up and walked to her as i sat next to her and said : hii
She lifted her head up and looked at me , her eyes were so red and filled with tears but she didn't even bother saying a word and then she put her head right on her eyes and started crying again .. If she stopped
I said again : hii
She mumbled without looking at me : hello
Can i help you with something i asked
No u can't she replied
I put me hand on her back and rubbed it trying to comfort her
As she put her head on my shoulder and cried i felt her worm breath on my shoulders as i hugged her and she hugged me back
Then her phone rang it was in her hand
She didn't answer it first
The phone rang again she also didn't answer but when it ranged the third time she answered nana's p.o.v
I answered the phone as i shouted at him
Aiden: nana can you please calm down ?
Nana: Youwant me to calm down ?! What do you mean you want me to calm down i just caught u having sex with my mom the only person i had in this fucking world after you .. Well i used to .. Were over i'm not gonna marry you any more i'm not coming to our wedding
Aiden: then were are you sleeping tonight if ur not coming u have no other place to go
Nana: i don't care if i don't have anywere to go i would rather sleep on the streets but never sleep with you , you broke me aiden how could you do that and 2 hours before our wedding how could you i trusted in you more then i trusted my self i loved you and gave you my heart and you just broke it
Aiden : i'm sorry babe just come back i promise i will not do it again
Nana: ur sorry?! Ur sorry!? Sorry can't fix my broken heart u heart me and how the hell do u think imma trust u again u and my mom im so disgusted of both of u don't dresm of seeing my face anymore

Nialls p.o.v

Don't ever dream of seeing my face anymore she said to aiden who is supposed to be her husband but cheated on her with her mom as she ended the call and threw her iphone on the floor as she collapsed and cried again
I asked her whats her name
Nana she said between sobs
Well nana do you have any place to sleep at now
N-no she said
Well do you want to come over ?
Haha niall horan from one direction just asked me to go to his place oooh am i supposed to scream ur name right now or what Mr.Horan she asked me as i was amazed
You know who i'm? i asked
Yes i do and i'm a fan but do i look that i really care right now ? I just cought my love of my life was gonna be my husband in 2 hours in the bed with my mom the one who i used to worship
I was so amazed when she said that she was the first fan who didn't scream and shout our names when she saw us
Hey nana i know you are really mad and sad about what happened i heard you on the phone and we really want to help you i said as i looked at the boys who were looking at us all the time
Great now all the members feel pitty on me she said
We don't just let us help you nana we really want to I said
Fine iwill just because i don't want to sleep on the streets she said with half a laugh
I smiled as i took her to where we were sitting
She smiled a small smile and said hey as all the boys said hello and we were all in a group hug before we new it and nana was in the middle we all hugged her as her tears started to slow down

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