Love hurts !

Nana was so excited its her wedding in 2 hours she put on her wedding dress some makeup and went to her gonna-be-her-husband 's house she had a key he gave her one and she entered his room to see him with a naked women .... Her mom the only one she had the only one she could trust , stabbed her in the back ..... Will she forgive them ? NO !
Nana meats one direction who helps her out will she and niall fall in love ?


4. AIDEN !?

Nana's p.o.v:

Me and niall were sitting at the couch on his room hugging we were like that for a long time when i heard a voice it was a mans voice he was shouting and calling my name ... It was AIDEN me and niall ran to the living room were the boys were as they looked at each other and me
It's AIDEN i said
They were shocked he was shouting and saing that he was sorry he asked me to come back and that he will never cheat on me again
He's drunk i said in a loud voice that the boys could here me as i looked out the window and he was standing in the houses garden with a gun in his hand
You bitch ! You couldn't wait ! After only 1 hour i see pictures of youand 5 other guys entering this house i'm gonna kill you after killing them i will kick the shit out of you 6 , you don't know who ur playing with nana you will regret it , he said
Then zayn was calling the police
10 minutes till they fet here , zayn said
As i sat on the nearest coach i felt a hand squeeze mine i looked up and saw niall . Oh poor niall i thought why did he have to put up with all this . He doesn't even know me and he's protecting and helping me from the momment he saw me . So i stood up and gave him a big hug as i kissed him on the cheek . Thank you :i whispered in his ear
For what? he asked
For being there for me since the moment you saw me even though you don't know me .. And these pj's but you know there a bit big i said the last part with a small smile
As he kissed me back on the cheek and said : since the moment i saw you i knew that ur not like the others i knew that you are different thats you got all me attention
After aboutsome minutes The police was here they arrested him and took him away as i watched the police take him away as tears escaped my cheeks shall i forgive him ? I thought to my self NOO im never forgiving him he broke me i shouted to myself which came out loud and all the boys looked at me as i ran to my room threw myself on the bed and cried all my hurt on my pillow as the all the boys entered my room and tried to cheer me up with some silly jokes ...
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