Is this happening?

you go to london for your first ever one direction cd signing and concert. Things happen that you dont really expect would happen.


4. Talking with Niall

"So are you going to the cd signing or the concert?" he asked us. " Yes were going to both. Were in the front row." i say. "Well Ill be looking for you in both, how old old are you, if you dont mind me asking?" "Well, Im 19, and my sis is 17." I answer him. "Whats your faverit one direction song? lucy?" he asked me. "well I quite like i would and i also like last first kiss, but to be honest i like them all." I say. " Cool! do you wanna come back to my place to meet the boys?" he asks. "Mum, can I go?" "Ok" she says. " Can I come too?" my sis asks him. "Of corse, whats your name?" "Lily" she says,blushing. "Mum can Lily come too?" Yes ok but its 5:30 now, so be home by 9pm, ok, ill call you if you loose track of time."She says. We finish our meal and  walk outside to the car park where we go to Nialls car. Niall sits in the front, with me in the passenger seat, and lily in the back. We pull out and are in the car for 5 minutes till we pull up outside a block of flats. We get out and follow Niall up the stairs.He unlocks the door and goes in, gesturing us to follow him.


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