Is this happening?

you go to london for your first ever one direction cd signing and concert. Things happen that you dont really expect would happen.



He came close to us and he stopped in his tracks right next to our table.

"Hi! can I sit down here please?" He asked me. I blushed and I think he saw. "Yea ok. Can I ask you a question tho, well, oh never mind its stupid." I said to him. " I bet its not stupid." He said and it made me want to ask him even more, cause I could here in his accent that he was irish. "Well, I was wondering, If you might be irish?" "Yes i am irish." " Ok i have another question, do you have the same hair colour as me, cuz you have your hoodie on wid your hood up so i cant see your hair"

" well your hair looks like it was brown, and you have dyed it blonde, soo yes" he said as he pulled his hood down abit showing his dirty blonde hair. My sis looked at him and said " Does your name begin with N?" " Yes it does, howed you know?" he said playing innocent. " Is your name Niall Horan?" I whispered to him, so that no one could here. Just at that moment my mum came back with our food, and said " Sorry i was so long, the line was huge. Hi nice to meet you, person I dont think ive seen before." "Hi." "Yes my names Niall Horan" he whispered to me. "OMG!OMG!OMG!" i said. " omg omg omg what lucy?" asked my mum and sis at the same time. " Im talkin to niall horan from one direction!" i whispered. "Oh right..." she said rolling her eyes. " Sorry, shes not a big fan of one direction." I said to niall.

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