Is this happening?

you go to london for your first ever one direction cd signing and concert. Things happen that you dont really expect would happen.


2. Nandos

It was a long bus ride, but we finally got to london at 5:00pm, it was 4 days before the cd signing and concert. We checked in at a hotel with three bedrooms, one for me, one for my sis and my mum , we all had double beds. When we finished unpacking, we went to the closest Nandos to eat. I suggested going there but dint say the reason, that was that we might see niall horan from one direction there.We went in and my mum went to order, while me and my sis went to find an empty table. we waited for a long time. Out of the corner of my eye i swear i saw someone who had a hoodie over his hair, with a bit of dirty blonde colur hair sticking out. He saw me staring and pulled his hoodie over his hair and continued to eat his food. Was it really him?My sis saw me staring and asked me who i was staring at, cuz i had my eyes fixed on that boy. She turned around and saw who i was looking at. "Whos that?" she asked. " Dont scream, but I think thats niall horan from one diretion." I whispered to her.


She turned around to look at him and turned back to face me. " Do you really think its him?  " I think so cuz i looked at him a minute ago and saw his hair, then he saw me looking suspicious and covered his hair up." i ansered her. " Hes getting up and walking this way!" she whispered to me. I looked over in his direction and she was right about that. He came close to us and stopped in his tracks right next to our table...


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