Is this happening?

you go to london for your first ever one direction cd signing and concert. Things happen that you dont really expect would happen.


1. Exiting!

   My POV

It was nearly the day for my first ever one driection CD signing and concert. It was in two weeks time. I already new what i was gonna wear, one directions faverit colours. Red jeans (for Louis), my orange and white striped top with ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE in blue letters ( orange for harry, blue for zayn), purple Converse (for liam), and emerald earings (for niall). I am also getting my hair dyed dirty blonde tomorrow like Nialls hair, also Im getting my hair straightend.

"Its time to leave for london." my mum sed. Only me, my mum and my little sister are going to london. me and my sis were so exited, but my mum didnt really want to  go, cuz she dont like one direction, but after we begged and begged to go, she finally gave in. We went to the bus station to get on a bus to london, wed packed our bags the other day, coz wed be in london for at leaset a week so we needed all the eccential things. We found the rite bus and got on it. " can we go up the top?" my sis whined. "ok " my mum sed so we went up top and put our bags on the seats next to us. we sat at the back.

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