True Love



2. 2

I packed my bags and hopped in the car. Nick came out and kissed me goodbye. we drived away i jammed out to one direction and Justin bieber. then a song came on. It sounded like Justin Bieber but it wasn't. I knew cuz I had bieber fever! I went on shazam and searched it. "Who the heak is Austin Mahone?" I said. I listened to it closer "wow" I said "He has a really good voice" I thought. I searched him on Google  I looked at his profile pic "Dang boy!" I exclaimed (In my head) "he's hot!" I slapped myself "shut up!!!" I told myself "you have a boyfriend and just because your moving doesn't mean you can just forget him." I started looking at him more. I went on Google pics and searched him. I found a pic where he looked like he was about to kiss the screen. I maximized it and kissed it. "IDIOT!" I screamed. "You okay back there?" My mom said "oh ya I'm fine" "ok good" mom said. After a long and painful drive we finally got to the airport. During the drive i had already downloaded all of his songs. He was an amazing singer! after we hopped on  the plane i sat next to this girl who looked about my age "hi" she said "hi" i said back "whats your name?" she asked "Im Madi." i said back "cool im Paige" Paige said Paige had wavy dirty blonde hair with Beach Blonde highlights and Hazel eyes. I looked out the window real quick to see where we were "whoa" Paige said "your hair is like... whoa" "should i take that as an insult? or..." i said laughing. Paige started laughing. "no i didn't mean it that way" she said between laughs "its pretty "Thanks" isaid

"is it naturally that color?" Paige asked "ya" I said laughing "cool!" She said it was quiet for a few minutes as we listened to the flight person (I call it that) talked.
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