Juliet Gaïa

Juliet looses her mother when she is just 4 year old. She runs away from her home because her father rejects her. During her journy, she finds a world where everything she dreams of becomes reality. On day, two boys she had once known come to her world and bring to Juliet some emotions that she doesn't want to live again.

***** Adventure, suspense, one direction, pirates and love*****


2. The safe place

For a four year old child, there was really nothing I could have done to stop my mother from dying. When my father left, my mother had still the bit of energy she needed to tell to go at some friends of her's.  They were people she used to know before she got married to my father but after her marriage, he didn't want her to see them again. They were called Mark and Judy Saylling. My mother promised me that they would take good care of me. In her last breath, she told me she loved me and then I was all alone. I started to call her name but there was no answer. I cried all the tears of my body and when the dark of night came up, I got up and left. 

It was way past midnight when I finally arrived at the Saylling's house. I was scared that they would not accept me and that I would have no where to go. Still, I knocked on the door, shyly at first but then more assured. There was no answer so I rang the bell and then a man opened the door.

 -Do you know what time it... He started before he saw me. Oh, can I help you child?

 -Excuse me sir. I know it is late but my mother told me to come to you and your wife for shelter.

Mark Saylling looked stunned.

 -Who is your mother? And why would she ever tell you to come at our home?

 -My mother was Lauriana Oswalld. My father killed her and before she left to heaven, she told me to come here.

Mark almost fainted but at the last second he said:

 -Then you must be Juliet... Judy! He screamed. 

A woman appeared at the top of the stairs.

 - What the hell Mark! Don't scream like that you're gonna wake the boys up!

 - We have a visitor, was his only reply.

Judy looked down at me and her face went blank.

 -Is she...

 -Yes, it is Lauriana's daughter.

The woman shook her head, as if wanting to wake up from a weird dream, but when she looked back at me, I was still there.

 -Gosh Mark where are your manners! Let her in.

I got inside and Judy was already at my side.

 -Would you like to eat something, sweety?

 -I would like some milk, thank you.

Both of them were staring at me.

 -Well you do speak like a grown up, don't you? Said Mark.

 -My father never liked little children. He said that if I didn't grow up fast enough he would get rid of me.

The couple looked at each other.

 -Listen Juliet, we really want you to...

 -But you can't, is that it? You can't take care of me for whatever reason. I understand and so I am on my way.

 -No Juliet! They said in unison.

 -That isn't what we meant. We want you to stay. Your mother had told us long ago that we might have to keep her little girl     one day, if anything happened to her. So we have everything ready for your arrival. The only thing is, do you want to stay here with us?

 -Well, since I have no where else to go, I guess I could stay here as was my mother's last wish.

They smiled wildly and showed me to my room. It was very pretty and very girly. I liked it a lot and was so grateful for their kindness.

 -Now would you like us to read you a story before you go to bed or sing you a song maybe, asked Mark.

 -Thank you but no. I know how to go to bed on my own. It is very kind of you to give me shelter and to have all of this ready for me.

 -That isn't a problem, sweety. Now sleep tight.

When they left, I heard Judy crying and Mark saying kind things to make her feel better.



*****Just for a precision, at this point of the story, Juliet is 4 years old that's why the Saylling offer her to read or to sing  before she goes to bed. ***** hope you like the story please comment, fav, like and share it :)




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