Juliet Gaïa

Juliet looses her mother when she is just 4 year old. She runs away from her home because her father rejects her. During her journy, she finds a world where everything she dreams of becomes reality. On day, two boys she had once known come to her world and bring to Juliet some emotions that she doesn't want to live again.

***** Adventure, suspense, one direction, pirates and love*****


6. The escape

I stayed very calm. I didn't mind if I was about to die, after all, that meant I would go join my mother. Isn't it ironic that water was something essential for living, but it was also one of the deadliest thing? I know what people might think, that a young girl like I used to be shouldn't be thinking about such things while dying. She should think about her life and what she didn't have the time to do yet. But I wasn't just any other girl. I was different and I knew that if it was my time, I had to let go. Besides, it wasn't like I had anything really important to loose. Yes, the Sayllings were there but I only agreed to stay with them because everyone liked me. But if everyone liked me, how come did Kylan asked Steve to take care of my case? There was no point of me staying if all the people I thought that cared about me, really didn't give a damn.

I started to feel weak when strong arms took hold of me. They pulled me towards the surface and when I was free to breath, I realised that I was glad it hadn't been my time yet. The breath I took at that moment, was truly the best of my whole life. There was just one problem. All the people from the party were standing around me and starring at me to see if I was still alive. When I made that realisation, my cheeks turned red and my gaze fell to the ground. Having that much attention was certainly not my thing. Mark held me tightly.

 -Juliet, are all right?

I couldn't answer. All this situation was so much to take in so I just lost consciousness.

When woke up, it was night time. I was in my bed and someone was standing at the end of it.

 -Shhhh, don't worry Ju, it's me Thomas, he wispered.

 -Oh I wasn't scared.

 -OK. I just wanted to check on you, to make sure you were fine. Also, I want to apologize for what happened today. I shouldn't have invited Steve, I knew he had a problem but would nerver have thought...

He didn't finish his sentence and started crying.

-I am so sorry, that was all my fault. If only I could go back in time and not invite him.

 -Don't cry Thomas. You have not done anything wrong. It's just him, please don't feel bad. You see, I am fine now, every thing is good. Now, it is late so you should go to have some rest. We both need some.

I gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. He smiled then left me alone. I heard his door close and I was sure he was probanly already asleep. But I stayed awake. I was thinking. The incident of the day had humiliated me and I knew I would never be able to face them again. It wasn't my place here, I had to leave them be. I got out of my room and went around the house to make sure everyone was asleep. Then, I went back to my room and took a bag. I put everything I needed in it before going down the stairs. As I opened the door I heard someone.

 -Where are you going?

It was Kylan.

 -I am leaving.

 -But where?

I stopped. That was an escellent question.

 -I have no idea, but I wish to find a place where I never have to live through something like today.

 -But you can't leave! You're just a little girl, what if you get kidnapped or something?

 -Funny, is it not, that today you asked your friend to get rid of me but not you will not let me go? Just let me go and it will be all over. I know what I am doing.

Before he could reply, I got out of the house and started running as fast as I could. All I wanted was to be far away from that home. I only stopped when I got the edge of a forest. I thought it would be a good place to spend the night. I looked aroud and found a tree that was very strange. It had a big hole in it that was surely big enough to contain an adult. I put my bag at the very end of it and climed in. As I was about to sit, my foot slipped and I fell in an unfinishing fall.


Hey everyone! Once again I'm sorry for how long it took me to wright this chapter but I hope it was worth it. Thank you all for reading. Here are the names of the people I imagine for the characters so far execpt for Juliet, I want you guys to image her by yourselfs :)

Taylor Lautner as Kylan, Liam Hemsworth as Thomas, James Franco as Juliet's father, Diane Kruger as Juliet's mother, Amy Adams as Judy and Leonardo DiCaprio as Mark.


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