Juliet Gaïa

Juliet looses her mother when she is just 4 year old. She runs away from her home because her father rejects her. During her journy, she finds a world where everything she dreams of becomes reality. On day, two boys she had once known come to her world and bring to Juliet some emotions that she doesn't want to live again.

***** Adventure, suspense, one direction, pirates and love*****


9. The dare

 -And here we are boys, said Terra.

She was smiling directly to my brother wich made me wonder what girls always found in him. I mean I guess I could see he was sort of handsome but still. It surely wasn't enough for them to like him so much right? It was starting to get on my nerves, especially since now, Terra was looking right into Thomas' eyes and I was getting uncomfortable.

 -Well thanks a lot...Terra. We'll unpack now. Bye!

She looked at me as if I was an alien.

 -Good bye Thomas it was a pleasure meeting you. As for you Kylan, I tots get why Ju doesn't like you at all.

That was like a slap in my face. Who did she think she waas to say that. Juliet had always had a huge crush on me. The certainly hadn't changed. I watched Terra live us and turned to Thomas.

 -Why did she say that?

 -I don't know but I think I like that girl, he answered with a silly smile on his face.

Well I guess we didn't like the same kind of girls. I liked girls who weren't scared of saying what they were thinking. Girls who didn't care about what others thought of her and who were intelligent, kind and carring. I know the last part is cheesy but I know that's important stuff. And when I saw Juliet that morning, I knew she was excatly what I was looking for. Since she was so in love with me, it shouldn't be to hard to get her.

 -Hey, I was thinking, since we're done, i'm gonna go look for Terra. You gonna be ok?

I rolled my eyes.

 -Yah you do that I'll go look around a bit.

He smiled big then left running. I got out of the room thinking of looking for Ju when five boys arrived.

 -Hey there! I'm Niall and you are?

 -Me?... Well I'm euh.... I'm Kylan.

The boys looked at eachother and laughed.

- So you're the kid that Juliet hates! And I'm Louis in case you were wondering!


What? Who cares about his name! He just said that Juliet hates me. I didn't even know why! And was placed on my shoulder.

- Are you all right mate?

When I turned, I saw green eyes staring at me.

- Yah... I just... Why exactly does Juliet hate me?

Those last words slipped out of my mouth and I was so embarrassed about that!

- Well mate I'm just Harry, I'm a good friend of hers but she won't ever tell me personal things. The only guy who would maybe know is Zayn! He's like a brother to her.

A guy stepped forward. I guessed he was Zayn since this Harry guy had just talked about him.

- Look, the reason why Juliet hates is nit for me to tell. You go see her and she'll tell you.

I looked him strait in the, not believing his last words for a second. She would never talk to me if she really hated me. But before I had time to finish my thought, he went on.

- But she probably will not want to talk to you at all. So if you want to one day know the reason. You need to make her forgive you first.

An other guy who had stayed silent until then approached me.

- She'll forgive you if she's in love with you way better, mate.

- Liam, said the guy Niall, I like your idea. I'm just going to change that a little.

He turned to look at me.

- You see, we are all wondering if Juliet is capable of love. So what I propose is that you have three days to make her fall for you. If she does you'll have all my respect plus the answer to your question.

He gave me a dark smile. My eyes went wide: I was so not expecting this! I was I ever supposed to make her fall in love with in three days?


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