Juliet Gaïa

Juliet looses her mother when she is just 4 year old. She runs away from her home because her father rejects her. During her journy, she finds a world where everything she dreams of becomes reality. On day, two boys she had once known come to her world and bring to Juliet some emotions that she doesn't want to live again.

***** Adventure, suspense, one direction, pirates and love*****


4. Can I too be happy?


The voice coming from the other side of the door, was the voice of a crying child.

 -It is Juliet, will you let me come in?

I heard footsteps and then the door opened. His eyes were red and puffy.

 -Come in.

 -Thank you. You know, I have noticed that you do not really like me. But please forgive me, it is not my intention to hurt you in any way. I am only here for one day. Then I will leave and you will go on as you did before.

His eyes were so wide open I thought they were going to dry.

 -You are so weird! Not in a bad way though! It's just... I've never heard anyone talk like you except maybe my teachers... Anyway, thanks for coming to tell me this. It's all right, I don't even know why I was like that to you. I'm the one who needs to ask forgiveness.

I smiled at him.

 -I forgive you, of course!

Then happened the most unexpected thing ever. Kylan threw his arms around me and hugged me so very tightly that I couldn't breathe. When he let go of his embrace he gave me a beautiful smile. 

 -Juliet, will you be my sister and stay here for ever?

 -Kylan, it would be an honor for me even though I am surprised at how quickly you have changed your mind about me. But it is impossible, I fear. 

 -Why is it Juliet? Why can't you stay?

As strange as it was to feel wanted so much by someone, who, only moments earlier wanted you to die, it was very sweet as well.

 -Well, I don't know how to behave in a family and I do not wish to cause any more trouble here.

 -I'm telling you Juju they want you to stay and so do I! Please say you'll stay!

For just a moment, I could visualize myself living here with them. Giving and receiving love. The idea was so appealing that I couldn't resist it. After all, why couldn't I be happy for once?

 -You know what Kylan? I will stay here. Thank you for wanting me to stay even after what happened.

I took his hand in mine and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. He blushed and looked at the floor with a satisfied smile on the face.

 -Hey, would you like to come and play outside with me and... Oh right, I can't go outside yet. His smile went out and I thought I saw sadness again on his face.

-Don't worry Kylan, I will go see your father and tell him there is no need to punish you. I am coming back in two seconds.

Before he replied, I was out of the room and down the stairs. Mark was in the kitchen reading the journal.

 -Pardon me Mr. Saylling, but I was wondering if you could let Kylan come play outside with me and Thomas?

 -Well not now, he is being...

 -But please, I beg you. I forgave him so perhaps you can let him go now.

He looked at me then gave a small smile and said:

 -Fine! Then go and get him, Juliet.

I went back to Kylan's room and told him he was free. He was very happy and he took hold of my hand, pulling me outside where Thomas was impatiently waiting for us. We played for hours and for the first time in my life, I began to feel affection for others.

Around 7:30, Judy called us back for supper.

 -I know it's the boys favorite meal so I do hope you like it as well, sweety.

She put her arm around my shoulder and dragged me to a chair where I sat. A beautiful plate full of meatball spaghetti. The boys ate at light speed while I was taking my time to taste every part of this delicious meal. I had never eaten something so good before.

 -Mrs. Sa... Judy, this is sincerelly the best thing I have tasted in my whole life. Thank you very much.

She tried to hide it, but I saw she was pleased by my comment. When I finished, the boys came next to me.

 -Juliet, we want to show you something.

 -What is it?

 -It's a suprise!

Then they put a scarf around my small face and helped me outside. After what seemed to have been a few minutes, they stopped. Somehow I was gently lifted and when my feet touched the ground, the scarf was taken off my eyes. The boys looked at me expectingly. We were standing in a very cute tree house and I had the feeling it was their secret place.

 -Wow! It is very beautiful. I am extremely honored that you show me this.

 -No, no, said Kylan. That's not all.

He gave a small nodd to Thomas, who pulled a rope. The roof, wich was made of a big blanket, started to roll on itself. When it was completely opened, I lifted my head as the boys did. There were so many stars in sky.  I felt some tears come down on my cheeks, the stars reminding me of some great memories of my  mother and I. I cannot remember how long we had been looking up at the sky, but at some point we all fell asleep in the little tree house.

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