Juliet Gaïa

Juliet looses her mother when she is just 4 year old. She runs away from her home because her father rejects her. During her journy, she finds a world where everything she dreams of becomes reality. On day, two boys she had once known come to her world and bring to Juliet some emotions that she doesn't want to live again.

***** Adventure, suspense, one direction, pirates and love*****


7. 13 years later

What. A. Mess. Seriously, my hair was impossible. I mean, obviously, it was gorgeous. Red, very thik and down to my waist. It wasn't strait, but not curly eather. I had the kind of hair everyone wishes to have. It didn't used to be that way. It was nice of course, but not as awesome like it is now. It changed when I got here.

Thirteen years ago, when I fell in the tree, I landed on an unknown ground. However, it was magical. Literally magical. As stupid as it sounds, it's true. Every thing you could imagine or dream of, would appear before you. You may as me how I found that out. It's pretty simple. After my landing, I was scared and alone so I started imaginnig a boy that would be a bit older than me, with dark hair and skin who had a lovely voice to sing me lullabies. At that instant, he was there smiling at me and he started singing a sweet, calming song. From that day on, Zayn has always been my best friend.

So that was how I got such wonderful hair. But today, I couldn't seem to do anything good with it. That meant that something - or someone - was coming. I was surely hoppong it wouldn't be the king, he already had seen me yesterday. But he so was unpredictable.

 -Ju, what's taking you so long? Zayn asked from behind me.

I turned to face him and he caught his breath.

 -Sorry, I just cannot do anything with my hair.

 -Well, it seems perfect to me. Haven't you realised that I have lost my breath at your sight? I can tell you, your hair is perfect Ju.

I sighed and turned back to the mirror. I was the most beautiful woman of all, but Zayn would always find a way to remind me.

 -Thank you. But still, I think something is coming.

 -Speaking of which, I actually came to tell you we have some new friends.

I stopped playing and looked at him through his reflexion. 

 -Kids or teens?

 -Neither. Both are young adults.

That was weird. When we got new people coming, they were still to young to provide for themselves after their parents died. I know what you think. It's almost like Peter Pan and the lost boys. And it's totally normal. When I got here, Zayn and I decided that we should do something to help other kids like me who had lost their parents. So we created a whole place only for that. I imagined some more friends just like I had thought of Zayn and then here we were, a whole country loving and cherishing us. 

 -Euh.... Don't ant to bother you princess but would you come off your cloud and come greet the new ones?

I rolled my eyes.

 -Don't you ever call me princess again and tell them I'll be there in a few seconds.

He started laughing and bowed before leaving me to my hair. I decided just to do a bun, it was easy and fast. I took my sword - yes I said a sword because in this world I wanted to be a pirate so I had everything I needed to be one - and left my room. While I was heading for the door of the house, I started to feel unsure. Maybe we shouldn't let them stay here, there wasn't place for them anymore. But still, I had promised myself I would help as many people I could. I took a deep breath and opened the door. I could never have been prepared enough for what I saw.


Hey everyone! I hope you liked this chapter :) To help you imagine the "country", just think about the pirates of the caribbean and peter pan and stuff and it might give you a good idea of what it looks like. 

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