Different? (Justin Bieber)

Hazel Smyth is unique and different, her father is a famous director and producer for big Oscar winning movies. They live in Hollywood and she goes to East West high school where all the girls either wear shorts, shirts or dresses.
Perfect place for teen heart throb Justin Drew Bieber to go.
He always get the girl he wants- but he wants Hazel and she isn't giving in to his controlling and powerful attitude.


3. School

Hazel's P.O.V

I woke up to the beeping of my alarm clock and hit it violently- I've broke at least 5 of those little sh*ts!
I took a quick shower washing my hair. I hopped out of the shower wrapping myself in my warm fluffy purple towel in my on-suite.


I got dressed into:


I grabbed my bag and placed my MacBook Air and keys in it.


I unplugged my phone and stuffed it in my pocket.

Skipping down the stairs, grabbing an apple and scoffing it down. I ran into the downstairs bathroom and brushed my teeth thoroughly.

"Sweetie you better be off now" my dad shouted from the tv room

"Okay daddy bye, love you" and with that I ran out the door hopping in my Porsche.


Wen I arrived at school I amediatly spotted Finn with joe kissing.

"Get a room!" I shouted at them and they pulled apart- Finn, like I said before, was the stereo typical gay dude that loves fashion and well, he knows more about it than me!
Joe on the other hand was a typical boy if you didn't know better you would think he was as straight as a builders level!
Nah, but they are CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hey babe" Finn greeted, he always called me babe but it was playful and Joe never minds as he knows Finns like that.

"Hey joe, isn't your match after school?" I asked happily as I knew he was looking forward to it.

"Yeah I'm so excited, please say your coming?"

"Of course anything for my besties boyfriend" I said hugging Finn from the side playfully, I noticed that Finn was blushing- they're so lucky they found each other.

"You know there's a female soccer team being introduced soon would you be interested?" Joe asked hopefully

"Defiantly but I doubt that any of the whores there would want to especially since there's a cheer leading team"

"Oh yeah that's being cut" Joe said with a smirk- a smile growing on my face.


American football is banned from our school as its too violent and dangerous so we play soccer or British football.

Just then Justin and his 'gang' Chaz and Ryan walked past.

"Hey Joe, looking forward to the game?" Justin asked

"Yeah" Joe answered enthusiastically

"You coming Finn?" Chaz asked

"Of course!"

"So Hazel, there's going to be a female soccer team soon- would you be interested?"

"Yeah, I heard about that"

"Um, okay... So are you going to the game later?" Justin asked winking

"Anything for you"

"What?" He asked slightly smirking

"Jokes I don't give 2 sh*ts bout' you"

"But baby I thought we had something special" he joked

"Your too chavy!"


"Sorry am I being too British for you?" I said in my strong British accent that is the only this I kept from my previous life in Britain.

"No, I think it's cute" he flirted

"Thanks" I said feeling a small warm tingling in my cheeks, SH*T AM I BLUSHING!?!?!?!?!?!

"And so's your blushing" He whispered trying not to let anyone else hear, this made my blush become a deeper shade of red.

-Justin's P.O.V-

We walked up to Hazel, Joe and Finn.

"Hey Joe, looking forward to the game?" I asked nicely, he was one of my best players.

"Yeah" he said enthusiastically

"You coming Finn?" Chaz asked while I was memorising Hazel's flawless face again.

"Of course!" He said sweetly.

"So Hazel, there's going to be a female soccer team soon, would you be interested?" I asked hoping she would because I'm responsible for picking the players and I knew we would play matches against them!

"Yeah, I heard about that"

"Um, okay... So are you going to the game later?" I asked winking

"Anything for you" what? Woah she changed

"What?" I asked kinda happy at what she said.

"Jokes I don't give 2 sh*ts bout' you"

"But baby I thought we had something special" I joked

"Your too chavy!" What's chavy?

"Sorry am I being too British for you?" She said in her normal adorable and sexy British accent.

"No, I think it's cute" I flirted as that was the only way I knew how to swoon that ladaays ;)

Well it worked a small blush appeared on her cheeks

"And so's your blushing" I said making her blush a deeper shade of red just below the rim of her glasses.

"I better be going to history, hey Hazel your in my glass wanna walk with me?"

"Um... Sure" she said walking closer to me as I started walking

As we past my locker I remember I needed to get my book.

"I need to get my book from my locker one sec" I said quietly, walking to my locker.

-Hazel's P.O.V-

Justin forgot to get his history book and walked over to his locker.

"Oh look who it is, B*tch!" Britney yelled at me

"At least I'm not a hoe!" I shouted causing everyone to turn around and look at us.

"How am I a what you call... Hoe?" She questioned

"I'm sorry but can you even get a skirt shorter than that?" I said with attitude.

"Ooooh cusss" someone randomly shouted out.

"I'm sorry for making the most of what I got"

"What you got? WHAT YOU GOT?? Your fucking boobs are obviously fake and is that a bum job you have?"

"It's none of your business" she screamed

"Take that as a yes then" she then got angry and slapped me hard.

"Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" Everyone chanted

"Okay then" I said grabbed a handful of her hair, smashed her head against the locker which made her face bleed.

"Stop it Hazel!" Justin shouted but I ignored it kneeing her in the stomach, she always bullied me through middle school when I was defenceless. She also bully's me here but I don't give a rats ass! Anymore.

"HAZEL STOP IT!!" Justin yelled grabbing me and pulling me away and into the history class that was right near the fight scene.

"Hazel, what the f*ck!?!, she only called you a b*tch"

"She bullied me through middle school and she made everyone hate me- she's trying to do it now but I don't care and unlike middle school I can defend myself now."


"I know and I'm sorry I regret it and I just got angry."

"Okay, well let's take our seats and wait for the teacher."

"Your really mature"

"Yeah I guess- but it's because of my career"

"Makes sense" I said taking my seat at the back of the class.

"Anyway, you said you were bullied- what could they possibly say?" He asked from the other side of the class room

"I was a chubby kid I guess, had an eating disorder because of it- I recovered though"


After that the teacher walked in and the rest of the class followed.

It's is going to be a long day....
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