Different? (Justin Bieber)

Hazel Smyth is unique and different, her father is a famous director and producer for big Oscar winning movies. They live in Hollywood and she goes to East West high school where all the girls either wear shorts, shirts or dresses.
Perfect place for teen heart throb Justin Drew Bieber to go.
He always get the girl he wants- but he wants Hazel and she isn't giving in to his controlling and powerful attitude.


2. Justin Bieber

Hi this is me ->. http://weheartit.com/entry/49979295/via/Fashionlik

You probably already know me because I'm an international pop singer and I'm pretty hot so you'll remember me!

My mother is Pattie Mallette and my father is Jeremy Bieber who married Erin Bieber.
They had kids Jaxon and Jazzy Biieber, I'm really protective of Jazmine but that's just the unknown side of Justin Drew Bieber that no-one can know of. I care a lot about my family which anyone who knew me would be surprised.

I hated this mean guy act- it isn't me! But it gets me respect and makes me popular.

Anyway this is my house:


Anyway that's all you need to know- want to know more google me!

Oh and I'm forced to go to school again- usher said I need to finish my education.
East West High School is awesome, nearly all the guys are 'safe' and the girls are hot, they always wear short-shorts, short-skirts and short dresses all but one girl who is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen- her father's a famous director or something, but anyway I want her, she's not fake- she's I guess... Different?
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