Different? (Justin Bieber)

Hazel Smyth is unique and different, her father is a famous director and producer for big Oscar winning movies. They live in Hollywood and she goes to East West high school where all the girls either wear shorts, shirts or dresses.
Perfect place for teen heart throb Justin Drew Bieber to go.
He always get the girl he wants- but he wants Hazel and she isn't giving in to his controlling and powerful attitude.


1. Hazel Smyth

Hi I'm Hazel I live in Hollywood with my father, he's a famous director/ producer.

I live in a fairly big house 1 mile away from my school East West High School:


I look like this:


My room looks like this:


My closet looks like:


My dads rich so I have loads of clothes and I have a huge room!

I'm not girly but I love make-up, it hides my ugly face- people said I was fat and ugly all through middle school, I used to have anorexia but I decided that it was stupid!

I'm currently sitting on my bed on tumblr blogging pictures of cute and awesome things I found online.

Well that's me.

Oh and My beastie Finn is probably the most stereotypical gay guy ever but he's amazing and if you met him you would want him to be straight here's a pic of him and his boyfriend joe- they practically begged me to take it but it's the only pic I have of both:


He's the one shirtless.

Anyway I'm boring you so I'll get over myself and shut the f*ck up!
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