Love rescued me ( Larry Stylinson )

Louis Tomlinson move to Another school and he mets the bullied boy Harry Styles. Harry is gay and starts to fall hor Louis. Louis is Harrys only friend. but are they just friend or are they just friends or are thy more. And can they avoid Harrys bully and his friends?


4. chapter 4

Harry`s P.O.V

Liam opened the door. on the outside stood the pizza guy. Zayn dragged me behind a wall. I don`t know if Zayn saw him but Louis slipped in behind the guy. I know Liam didn`t saw him. I can only hope that he doesn`t get Catch. Liam closed the door and Zayn said. "who called after pizza?" Liam and Niall shook their heads. Ohh no. It was Louis.

We walked into the kitchen. there stood Louis whit his back to us. I opened my mouth to scream at him that he shuld run but Zayn laid a hand over my mouth. Liam and Niall walked up to Louis. he turned around and let out a Little scream. Niam ( Niall and Liam) grabbed opposite arm and hold him to the wall. " you are here to save Harry aren`t you" Zayn smirked. " yes I am" Louis said. " Louis I want the Money you found. give me the Money." Zayn said. " I`m not giving you the Money!" he screamed.

Zayn dragged me down to the basement. Niam dragged Louis down and tied him to a chair. " after this I Think you are going to change your mind." Zayn said and laid me down on the Cold stone floor. I let out a yelp in pain. I tried tu roll away from him but I was to weak. " what are you ging to do to him?" Louis asked with fear in his voise. Zayn started to take of my clothes. the pain in my back was so much. I couldn´t focus on what Zayn did cuse I was in so much pain. "Zayn stop!" Louis yelled. Liam slapped him. When i was naked he started to kiss my neck. "Stop" Louis screamed and trashed around in his chair. Zayn kissed and licked down my stomach. "Stop Zayn I´ll give you the Money" Louis screamed and trashed even more in his chair. " Shut the fuck up." Liam hissed at him. Zayn took of his pants and laid down on me. "P-please Z-zayn s-s-stop" I sobbed. Even more tears streamed down from my Eyes. Louis was now Crying to. "It´s to late to stop now. he said and slammed into me. I screamed.

Louis P.O.V

Harry screamed a blood curling scream when Zayn slammed into him. He tried to pull Zayn of him but he was to weak. I turned my head. I couldn´t see my best friend who i loved get raped. Liam grabbed my face so i was facing Harry and Zayn. Harry let out Another blood curling scream. "You know it´s your fault that Harry is raped right." Liam said in my ear. Tears streamed unconrolled down Harrys face. when Zayn was done he took on his pants and threw him to Liam. "Your turn." he said. I gasped. "Please stop" I cried out. "If you said yes this never would have happened." Zayn said to me and laughed. Liam took of his pants and pinned Harry to the wall. He slammed in. Harry screamed a last time and passed out. Liam continued and when he was done he threw harry to on the floor and took on his pants and Harrys. so nice ( note the sarcasm). Zayn took my face in his hand. "Do you want to give us Money or should we hurt Harry again." He said. "Your bloody twat you raped him don´t you have feelings at all." I screamed at him. He just laughed.


 They walked out and locked th door so we coul´dn´t go out. I felt with my hand in my pocket and found a small knife. I cut of the ropes and sat down beside Harry. I laid his head in my lap and stroke his hair. His eyes fluttered open. "It hurts Louis." He sobbed. "Shh we are going to get out of here." I said and stood up. I walked to a window and tried to open it but it was locked. I found a stone and smached it. I lifted Harry up bridal style and sat him down outside tha window. I climbed out and lifted Harry up again. I started to run towards my house. On the way Harry passed out again.

After ten minutes we were home. I unlocked the door and walked in. Harry groaned but stayed unconscius. I laid him down on my couch. I wonder how his mum fells right now. She must fell something cuse she sold her one son and I know she cares about him. he woke up and a tear fell from his eyes. I wiped his eyes with my shirt and cleaned his cuts and bruises. "Go to sleep now Harry." I said to him. He nodded. "Can you stay with me" He asked and pouted. "I can´t say no to you" I said and smiled at him. I laid down beside him and he laid his head on my chest and yawned. He looked so cute. He closed his eyes and drifted of to sleep. He was so beautiful when he was asleep. He looked like a child. I slowly fell asleep in peace with Harry beside me.

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