Love rescued me ( Larry Stylinson )

Louis Tomlinson move to Another school and he mets the bullied boy Harry Styles. Harry is gay and starts to fall hor Louis. Louis is Harrys only friend. but are they just friend or are they just friends or are thy more. And can they avoid Harrys bully and his friends?


3. Chapter 3

Harry's P.O.V
I'm Zayns slave? I don't want to. How could mom do that to me? I understand that dad don't want me but mom. " If you go home and don't try to save Harry. Maby we can let him be. Zayn told Louis. I looked at him trough my tears. He nodded sadly. He walked away. When he was gone my tears started to run down my cheeks again. " come on slave " zayn said and they laughed. We walked home to Zayn. When we came in Zayn threw me down the stairs to the basement. " here is your room slave. " Zayn said. He close the door and I heard the lock click. It was cold and dark down here. I missed Louis and my mum. I know it was a bad idea to be friend whit Louis. Now I have one person more to miss. Louis and his blue eyes and beautiful brown hair. Bad Harry. He is your best friend not boyfriend. I heard the door and Zayn came in. " I'm not gonna take it easy on you." he said and smirked. I backed up against the wall. He tied my hands together and took of my shirt. He took out a whip. "Stop please Zayn ". I begged him. He just smirked. He whipped me hard on my chest. I screamed in pain. He whipped me again and again. "stop screaming " he said and whipped me. Tears streamed down my face " Zayn please " I sobbed. He threw me on the floor. I landed on my stomach. He sat down on my back and took out a knife. " do what I say or I'm going to do this " he said and slide the knife down my back. I screamed again. " no " I said. I would rather be in pain then Louis. He slide the the knife down two times. He turned me so I laid on my back and pressed me down. I screamed. My hole body burn from the pain in my back. He took my pants and boxers of. I struggled under his grip on me. He took Dow his pants and boxers. " Zayn please don't. I'm going to do the video. Please." I sobbed now hysterical. I was a virgin and I didn't want Zayn to take it. " it's to late fore that" he said and slammed in to me. I screamed and begged for him to stop but he didn't care that I was in pain. I laid there and cried. I couldn't do anything to stop him now. When he was done he stood up and took on his pants and my pants again. The pain was so mush and I was bleeding very much. He took out the camera and started to film.
"L-Louis you h-have to save m-me. I can't t-take it a-anymore. H-he hits m-me and whipps m-me. A-and he r-r-raped me." I sobbed ters flooded down. " L-Louis please. Zayn stopped the camera. I cried because I didn't want him to come. If he came Zayn's going to abuse him to. " stop crying your pice of shit" he said.

Louis's P.O.V
I felt so bad to leav Harry whit Zayn. But Zayn promised to not hurt him. I walked home. How could Harrys just sell him. My dad would never do that. And how could his mom agree whit him ? I sat down on the couch. After ten minutes my laptop let out a noise. And I jumped up. That was scary. Someone had sent me a video. I started it. I gasped. The video was on Harry. He had bruises and cuts all over hi chest and face. His hole body was covered in blodd his pants was soaked.
"L-Louis you h-have to save m-me." he said broken. Tears streamed down his bloody face. " I can't t-take it a-anymore. H-he hits m-me and whipps m-me. a-and he r-r-raped me. " he sobbed. I stared at the screen. I never thought Zayn would go so low that he raped Harry. How could he. A tear rolled down my face. Harry must be in so much pain. My heart broke for Harry. He looked so scared and helpless. The screen was now black but I just sat and stared at it. Zayn had broke hi promise. Harry was shattered blood ran down his body and he had so much bruises and cuts. I was crying now. If Zayn broke his promise I'm going to do it to. I'm going to save Harry.

Zayn's P.O.V
I smirked to myself. Louis was going in my little trap. When he comes to save Harry I take him as my prisoner and he's going to watch when I hurt Harry. And he don't want him to get hurt so in the end he's going to give me the money he found in his garden. If not I'm going to kill him. Harry was my friend when we was younger but then he ditched me for his gay friends. Sins then I have bullied him. Now I can't stop because I enjoy it. I love to hear him scream and cry. I had a cruch on him two years ago but he didn't want to be whit me as a friend so why should he want to be my boyfriend. Now I actually have a cruch on Niall but I don't want to say it because he and Liam would laugh at me and start bully me and I don't want that. I'm the bully. I walked to my kitchen. I really need to clean in here. Wait. My slave could do that. I walked down to him. I should call Liam and Niall and ask them if they want to come over.

Harry's P.O.V
I heard footstep walk down the stairs to me. " come on slave. You are going to clean the kitchen" Zayn said. I tried to stand up. Pain shoot trough my body and I sank to the floor. Zayn slapped me and pulled me up. A silent scream came trough my mouth. Zayn grabbed the ropes that tied my hands together and dragged me up to the kitchen. " clean"he said and left. He came back whit a knife and cut of the ropes. He cut my wrist to. I sat down on my knees and started to clean. I groaned my body hurt so much. I could barly walk. "shut up" Zayn said and slide the knife down my back again. The door bell rang and Zayn walked out of the kitchen. I looked at myself in a mirror on the wall. I looked at my back and gasped. It wasn't any skin left. It was so many cuts. My back was a bloody mess. In one spot you could see my ribs. I started cleaning again but the picture of my back never leaved my head. It was horrible. The door to the kitchen opened and in came Zayn and his two friends. " aren't you done yet " he said in a could voice. " no " I whispered. He slapped me and kicked me in my stomach. I gasped for air. He just laughed and sat down on a chair. "boys do you want some alone time whit home or should we do it together?" Zayn asked them smirking. " I think we should do it together. " Niall said. Liam nodded in agreement. " ok. But we should wait for Louis." Zayn said. I whimpered. I didn't want Louis to come. The door bell rang. Zayn hold me around my chest and neck. My back was pressed to his chest so I screamed. Niall laid a hand over my mouth. Liam opened the door..........

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