Love rescued me ( Larry Stylinson )

Louis Tomlinson move to Another school and he mets the bullied boy Harry Styles. Harry is gay and starts to fall hor Louis. Louis is Harrys only friend. but are they just friend or are they just friends or are thy more. And can they avoid Harrys bully and his friends?


2. chapter 2

Louis`s P.O.V

His dad abused him! "You are going home whit me." I said " no! My dad is going to find out and I don`t want you to get hurt." He said almost yelled. " But I care sbout you and nobody should have to go throughwhat you have. I said to him. He Went silent and after a while he nodded.I dragged him to my car and we drow home to me. when we came in I asked him if he wanted something but ha shaked his head. harrys phone started to ring. he answered. after he had listened to the person on the phone he got pail. I wonde who it was.


Harry`s P.O.V

My phone let out a noise. Someone called me. "hey" I said in the phone. "Hello Harry" it was my dad. "What do you want?" I spat." I know were you are so come home bafore I kill you both." I gasped. How did he know? "I saw you go home whit that kid." He said "Don`t hurt him I`m coming home." I sad panicking."Louis I have to go." He stod up and blocked the door. "Why haven`t you gone to the police?" he asked."Because my dad is a police and they belive a police more then a boy." I said a bit sad. Louis nodded."Se you at school then." I nodded and walked out. "By " I said. I waked home. when I came home I was soking wet because of the rain. I took on some clothes and walked down to the kitshen. there sat my dad. " I see you have a friend now." ha said. I didn`t answer him."Don`t ignor me boy." he said and hit me in the face. I yelped. his knee hit me in my stomach and I fell to the floor. He kickedmy hole body. it hurt so much but I couldn`t stop him. After a while he stoped and turned around to get a beer.I stod up and grone. It hurt so much. I ran out. I Heard my dad Yell after me. I sat down on the street.this was not my lucky day because then I saw Zayn,Niall and Liam. I hide behind a wall but they rounded the corner and saw me."Hey Styles" Zayn yelled. I whis my mum or Louis would come and save me. But of course they didn`t. " Hey fag why don`t you answer me?" I stod silent. Zayn pressed me up aagainst the wall and slide his hand under my shirt. I gasped and sruggled against his grip on me. "Zayn stop! Please" "don`t you like it fag? aren`t you gay huh?"  " Please" I wispered. He stroke my stomach. Niall and Liam hold me to the wall. Zayn started to take of my pants. I started to cry. Tears slowly slide down my cheeks. "Zayn stop" I yelled.


Louis`s P.O.V

I walked down the street. I love to take a walk in the evening. It was so peaceful. I was worid about Harry. I didn`t want to leav him whit his dad. "Zayn stop !!" I Heard someone Yell. It sounded like Harry. When I rounded the corner I saw Liam and Niall hold Harry to the wall and Zayn had one hand under harrys shirt and whit the other he took Harrys pants of. Harry was Crying hysterical now. "STOP!!!!!" I screamed. They all turned their heads to me. Zayn smirked. "If you get Closer Harry is gonna get it." he said. Ohh no. How am I gonna do this? Zayn took Harry from the wall and so Harrys back was to his chest. He had one hand over Harrys mouth and nose and the other arm around Harrys chest.  "Let him go. Please." I begged. "I`m planing on keep him as my slave." Zayn said. I gasped. " NO! you can`t do that. Pleaselet him go." I pleaded. Liam said " If you want to be whit him  I can take you as my slave" Niall laughed. " Or mine" I was a bit scared now. Harry had silent tears streaming down his cheeks and he was shaking. "No . not Harry or me. you can`t take us as slaves." I skreamed at him. "  "I can`t take you but I can take Harry because his dad sold him to me." Zayn said and smirked " I owns him now." I gasped and I saw Harrys Eyes widen. He slumped down against Zayn. He was Zayns slave.




it happens much in this chapter and i`m sorry for that but I have to get in the story.


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