Poetry Collection

So I found some of my old poems, and thought I'd finally upload them somewhere.


2. War

You are a soldier
Marching to war
You look around you
There’s hundreds more
You see the ground,
So soft and clean,
You see a man weeping
For whom does he keen?

And after the sounds
Of the guns has died
You look around you
And know why he cried
When the blood of the fallen
Stains the pure earth
Vultures circle above,
Crying out their mirth.

Night falls and you lie,
On your sleeping bag,
Trying not to cry
You hear the sounds
Of friends in grief
And wish you could join them
But your heart is too weak.

You are young,
Too young to die,
You think of your mother,
And regret your lie,
How will she feel,
Knowing that she had
Not even one chance
To say goodbye?

You think of your brothers,
Already dead,
You think of your friends,
Safe in their beds
You think of your sisters,
And wish you were home,
You look outside
And feel so alone.

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