Poetry Collection

So I found some of my old poems, and thought I'd finally upload them somewhere.


5. My Inspiration

I’ve never been this… way,
Never felt this… safe,
When you look into my eyes,
I feel my hands start to… shake.

You’re like,
A cool breeze on a warm summer’s day
And when I’m down, you’re melody that plays,
You hold me up, keep me strong,
And now I've put you in a poem.

Now I feel my heart start beating
And I’m wonderin’ what you’re thinking
As you touch my hand and pull me close,
Then you’re kissing me, and I’m sold,
Hooked on you, on what you give me,
Your love...

Look at where we are,
How we’re livin’ with the stars,
You’re still in my heart,
You’re always in my heart…

You’re my Inspiration,
My Aspiration, the one I wanna hold,
And I wish you knew,
The way I feel,
So you could understand,
How much I love you…

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