Poetry Collection

So I found some of my old poems, and thought I'd finally upload them somewhere.


4. Angel

I saw an angel last night,
And she looked just like you,
She took my hand and touched my heart,
Made me believe that you’re proud of everything I do.

Then she spoke, and the words will always haunt me,
She had your voice, and oh how I cried,
And when she sang to me the song you taught me,
I felt my heart break then become alive.

I wished last night would never end,
So that angel would stay at my side,
And I’d get to hear your voice one last time,
And see your face, and have you hold me while I cried.

But the dawn did come,
And with the rising sun,
The angel touched my face and she was gone,
Taking away the pain of losing you, my Mum.


*Note: I haven't lost my mother. This is a work of fiction.*

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