1. Why me?

They're like lions ready for kill

Their taunts echoing and voices shrill

There's only one type of weather for me;

Dull, damp, cold . . .

Their spiteful laughter filling the breeze

There's only tears coming from me.

I sit in the corner, frightened, scared

My thoughts are sealed but their's declared

At night I cry myself to sleep

each day I do not dare to weep

At the end of the day I see my mum

with a sigh of relief no bullies come

as usuall I put my false smile

she hugs me in her normal style

finally she says "how are you"

I ignore her and storm up to my bedroom

I see her, wielding the knife.

The mirror I see the ugly face
I end it all and they now forget

the girl who died after school

nobody came to her funeral


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