The Devil's Daughter~ Niall FanFicu

Love is pain, but nothing is hurting Rachel right now.


4. chapter 4

"Harry, may i ask you something?" I looked up from his chest, and he hummed a yes.

"Are you married?" I played with the hairs on his chest, twirling the longer ones with my finger. I felt him take a sharp breath.

"Yes, her name is Abigail," He whispered. I scooted up next to him, sitting up right against the head board. 

"Do you love her?" I asked, my hand that was resting on my lap began to twirl the duvet.

"Yes, very much," He smiled to himself. I began to get jealous, not because of my selfish crush on this man, but because he had someone to love and love him back. 

"What is she like?" I asked him, not because i was mad, but because i was curious as to what women Harry liked.

"She has dark blonde hair, and her eyes are a very light blue. She was the most sweetest smile ever, and she's so charming. Really, she's an angel. As beautiful as one too. I remember one time, when we first got married back when we were 20, she was still very shy and timid," He chuckled to himself, possibly about stories of them two and their love.

"Why aren't you with her, then?" I asked, my anger taking over. Why is he cheating on his wife? Isn't she worried as to why he is here?

   His smile faded and he wrapped me in his arms, and kissed my forehead.

"I don't know Rachel, I don't know." He let out a loud and long sigh.  







    Night after night

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