The Devil's Daughter~ Niall FanFicu

Love is pain, but nothing is hurting Rachel right now.


3. chapter 3

Iv'e felt in the blues,

every since iv'e met you.

oh, my beautiful one,

our love will never be done

for it just begun.


     My mind drifted to last night, the vivid memories of Harry's lips on mine. His sweet moans, and his rough and strong yet surprisingly gentle touch. Other than baffled that a man as attractive as him would come to a place like this, i was also wondering when i would see him again, Would i get to stare into those green eyes that seemed lifeless? Would i ever be able to rest my head on his chest again?

    This affair was so different from the others, because not only did he have sex with me but as if he made love to me, it also seemed liked i have grown a wanting for this man. This man that ten years older than me and i will probably never see again. This man is possibly married, and most likely will never even think about this night ever again; while i am here drooling over him. This man might even have kids for crying out sake. My smile now turned into a fit as i began to throw the pillows on my bed all around my room and i began to cry. I cried more than i have ever cried. Not only because of this man i met, but because my life hit me. It hit me so hard.


Why haven't i even tried to leave? 

I haven't seen my mother, my sister, my brother, not my father in over three years. 

I haven't finished my studies, i haven't even lived. My childhood was taken from me on vacation trip to my beach house in California. Memories of my home before this are very vague, but i can still remember who i was and where i was and this hurts me more than ever. Pain and fear spread through my body quicker than fire and gas. My heart quickened and the air was leaving my lunges. I cried out in pain as i tried to breathe in the most i could but no oxygen would come to me. I could feel my eyes rolling back, and i fell off the bed. My head trying to think of escape routes. My body punishing me for not trying to escape and also punishing me for thinking of getting a cute client instead of how my family was doing.

Three years. Three years i have been in this Hell and yet here i was, not trying to leave. 


God, was i pathetic. 


"Rachel? Are you okay?" I hear Bethany's sharp voice from behind my locked door. 


I took in deep breaths and wiped my tears.


"Yes Mother, I couldn't be better."




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