The Devil's Daughter~ Niall FanFicu

Love is pain, but nothing is hurting Rachel right now.


2. Chapter 2


    My breath caught in my throat as I swung my body to the rhythm of the music. I could feel the beat of the music pumping through my veins, giving me energy. The music giving me my high. 

   Strands of my curly brown hair stuck to my forehead as I whipped my head, and then unstuck when I ran my hand through my hair seductively. I could taste the red hot lipstick on my lips, most likely smearing at the edges caused by sweat. 

   As the music came to the end, my heart beat quickened. All the girls did wonderful. I almost felt beautiful if it wasn't for the fact that I was wearing knee high socks, black bra, and a  short red skirt- not to mention a mask that covered my whole upper face. I used to get really embarrassed and emotional, but it's been three years, and even though I am in constant pain and and fear, I am now immune to most of it all. 

         The music gradually began to give off a slow, steady beat, and as it did, so did my actions. The rest of the girls, most of them new, slowed down with me. 

     All the men in the room, mostly 40-60 year olds, looked closely and attentive to us all. They stared, their sick little minds trying to pick which girl he would want to take to one of our rooms and pay. I can never get used to the sick feeling i get in the bottom of my stomach and all through my body, or how nasty these men have to be to pay for sex. Of course I use protection, but the fact that this is why some people kidnap girls is very sinister and nerve wrecking. My whole life has been ruined. My virginity was lost here. I was left in a puddle of my own bed, with no one to comfort, with no one to love. Everyone here is too scared to make friends, everyone is even too scared to try and think of talking to anyone other than Bethany, our 'Mother'. 

    We all have these disgusting pet names that make me feel like an actual pet. We basically are pets. My name is The Devil's Daughter, and many of the girls here have other names going down the lines of 'Bunny', 'Kat', 'Tiger', and so on.

     I got my name, The Devil's Daughter, because when I first lost my virginity, I ran out of the room covered in my blood. I screamed and yelled in pain, and apparently I looked like I had came out of Hell. I also got it because people say im ruthless and demon-like. Personally, i enjoy the fact that people think im liked this. Other girls that were kidnapped ad taken to this home full of other broken, innocent girls, earn their name by their character. After the years, i have become used to the idea of me never leaving. I have became numb to the treatment to the point where i am basically as powerful and trusted as Bethany is. 

     With power and beauty in one, there comes a cost- a very high cost. Usually, my buyer is a billionaire because the cost to sleep with me has built up so high through the years that i have been here. 


     My eyes scanned the crowed, trying to find any new comers that might even maybe be attractive for once. You might now think i enjoy being paid for, but I don't even receive any of the money, and after time you don't care what has become of you because that's how human are. We adapt to live, and even strive for a bit of love. But in this place full of scared and broken girls, there can't be any love so i show the love i can give and get by the men that buy me for the night because their wife cannot pay them that way. I basically slept my way to the top.


"The Devil's Daughter," Bethany purred through the microphone the moment i stepped away from the line me and the girls formed, and stood next to her. Many of the men, all in suits and ties, began to move about, and some even looked down at their wallet- most likely contemplating if they could spend a little extra more that night.

"For tonight, she will be auctioned for $20,000," Bethany happily swung her blonde, freshly cut straight hair behind her shoulder with her nasty, bony fingers. I hate the word 'auctioned'.


   A man stood up from the back, his face was being blocked by the darkness of the crowed in front of him. From the way he was dressed and looked, he seemed to be already in his late 30's. I mentally frowned, even though i could not see his face yet.

    Bethany told me to go back into the nice rooms, and that someone would escort him there once he paid. I obeyed and made my way down the big house to the rooms. You could say this was like the Play Boy mansion, except this house was bigger and older and had a different use for it. As i made my way down the halls to the nicest room, my head filled with dreams and stories of me ever living in a house like this but with someone to love me and a family of my own. I missed out on all my childhood, for now i am barely 20. 


    I prepared the room, adding my own twist to the room, and then waited patiently for my owner of the night. In a matter of minutes, there was a soft knock on the door.

''Come in,'' I said, scratching under my mask. 

    In came the man that bought me. His hair is a very dark brown, and curled at the end. I had assumed he was about 30, and i was correct. He must be in his early 30's or late 20's.


"Hello, you may call me Harry," He addressed himself very formally. I smiled and i sat straight on the bed.

    Harry was actually very attractive, may i add. His eyes were a dull green, and his face had wrinkles of stress, but other than that he was very attractive. 

"You may call me Rachel," I returned the formal tone, and i actually gave him my real name. 

He smiled and shook my hand. This was all so different from my other buyers that i don't know what to do.

     I stood up and began to message his back, seeing stress had already began to damage his face. He groaned in an appreciation, as i rubbed spots that obviously were hurting him. I felt actually glad that he didn't want to get straight to the sex. 

   Slowly, i began to take off his fancy tux, that read Gucci on the tag, and presumed my rubbing. My hands slid down his back, and i stepped away from him. 

   I walked over to the small desk next to the bed, and pressed play on the music player. Everyone room had one of these, and each played romantic music. 

   My body was still only being covered in very few clothing, so he grabbed his tux and draped it over my shoulders. I slowly smiled at him. His eye twinkled in the low lights that illuminated off the walls.

    An old song by Ed Sheeran began to play, the slow, soothing lyrics made this situation more relaxing for me. 

   One of Harry's strong arms, fell behind my back and wrapped onto my waist, the other took hold of my right hand. My left hand rested on his shoulder, and i rested my head on his chest. We slow danced all over the room, as the romantic music made my heart beat slow down. Harry was very tall, to the point that even in my high heels, he was still taller than me by a lot. His chest was broad and strong, just like his back and his grip on me. Even though his face looked worn out, his jaw was very graphic and everything on his face was sharp. 

    We stood in place, for about five minutes, just listening to the music and embracing each other. 

   Harry's eyes met mine for a split second before his lips came down to my level, and kissed mine.








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