The Devil's Daughter~ Niall FanFicu

Love is pain, but nothing is hurting Rachel right now.


1. Chapter 1



    I remember the pain I went through; the agony, and despair I had. I remember the pain and fear that rushed through my body like fire. I remember the screams I would let out of my poor soul, just to earn a whipping. My tears did not do me any good in those moments of terror and pain.

     My fair skin had drained all the color, leaving me with pale, drained skin. My skin was almost as drained of color as my soul.

   I always thought of abduction as a thing that could never happen to me, as a game I had no card in. But the game is for everyone. This sinister action can happen to anyone. I would think, sometimes late at night, of the possibilities of it ever happening to me. I never imagined the pain to be this great. I never pictured my despair and fear to be at a constant rate , to always know that I should be dead. I never knew abduction would drain me of life, to leave me with this constant fear, to leave me here, broken and unloved. 


   From the beginning of it all, I wasnt ever happy. I now know that I should have been happy, because the cause of what was making me sad is nothing close to what is my fear and pain to this day. Those pointless depressions I had it nothing compared to three years of a constant flame of fear inside of you. 

    This isn't a joke, this is real. Some people are too blind, or too ignorant to open their eyes a bit more to notice all the malicious things happening in this world. 

      And now, here I am, broken and bruised, about to fake a smile, and make a show.  



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