You Wish

Jess loved her best friend Harry but after he joined One Direction he was different. She hated the new Harry


3. What Do You Have To Say?

I shut the door as quietly as I could but Harry must have heard the click. The volume on the TV wasn't up that high anyway. He turned and looked me in the eyes. "Oh my God, Jess!" Its been years since I have seen you last. But you look beautiful as always" Harry says. He's such a kiss up. Always has been, always will be. But before he left, it was cute. Now that he's back its just annoying.

"Can it Harry. Explain." Is all I say. I want to know why he just now is trying to come back into my life. After three years of being apart, now he tries to come back. He better have a good explanation.

"Jess. I'm surprised first of all. Normally when your this mad you would have round house kicked me in the face by now." He grinned a little bit and looked up at me. God those green eyes are going to be the death of me.

"Just wait Haz. Explain and then I will decide your fate."

**authors note** comment if i should keep going! I wanna know how u feel about this so far

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