You Wish

Jess loved her best friend Harry but after he joined One Direction he was different. She hated the new Harry


5. Help From Lou

Harry's P.O.V.

I explained my story to Jess. She didn't look convinced. I can't believe she kicked me out of her flat too. And when she did I saw those tears in her eyes! I want to talk to her but I know that I really need give her some space. I know what I'll do! I'm gonna send Lou in. Boobear always has a way with words. I just need to call him up...

Louis's POV

*And your eyyeeessss irresistible.* I wonder what Harry is calling me about...

"Haz! What's up??" I question. I know he went back home to talk to that Jess girl. She doesn't treat him right. But he kind of deserves it. I have heard about how he left on terms with Jessy. She has every right to be mad, but if he is trying to apologize I think she needs to give the lad a chance. Especially if he is sincerely sorry.

"Lou, we have a problem." Harry says. I can hear pain in his voice... We gotta skype, I gotta see his face while we are talking about what happened. What did Jessica do to him? "Jessica kicked me out of her flat after I explained everything, she had tears in her eyes when she kicked me out... Louis I need her. I can't live without her. I have tried and it just doesn't work." He states. Harry needs some help here. And I don't know how I can help him. That's when I realize he is trying to ask me a question. "Boo? Can you come here and talk to her. Maybe you can convince her. Please? It would mean so much to me."

"Of course I will! You are my best friend I'll be there by tomorrow morning. Meet you at your house?" I say with a smile on my face. I didn't think about talking to her. I hope this works. "Well curly, I should go pack. See ya tomorrow." I say and hang up the phone.

***AUTHOR'S NOTE**** Hey guys. I'm gonna have a contest. Whoever wants to be Louis', Liam's, Zayn's, and Niall's girlfriends must comment and favorite this story. The rest of the boys will work their way in within the next chapter or two. When you comment, make sure that you comment "heya im done" along with the boy you want's name. And give the personality of the character you would be. BTW sorry for such a late chapter but I was grounded


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