You Wish

Jess loved her best friend Harry but after he joined One Direction he was different. She hated the new Harry


4. Explanation

Harry's POV

"Ok Jess. I am going to give you a huge story so just sit down and listen. Don't interupt me though because I have a lot to say." I tell her.

"Damn straight you do." She replies... I really need her to listen to meall the way through.

"Jessy. A couple years ago I left for the X factor... I didn't tell you before I left, one of the things that I will regret for the rest of my life... I didnt tell you that I loved you. Which I did." I confess. Her face goes from surprised to happy to pissed off. I hope I said te right things. Because I still love her to this very moment.

Jessica's POV

As soon as Harry finished talking I started to believe what he said. But hes lying. I just know it. And if he thinks he can just come back here with his boy band charm and play games with my heart hesgot another thing coming! "Harry! You are such a liar. If you had loved me you would have told me when you visited after you lost. But you didnt. Just get outta my face, I'm allergic to bullshit." I spoke harshly to Harry. And with that I spun on my heel opened the door and kicked Harry out of my flat. I dont play mind games with jerks. After I slammed the door shut behind him I went into my room and cried till I fell asleep.

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