Listen to me

I know what it's like not to be heard. I know what it's like to hear people talk and not have their story told.


1. Listen to me


The music that was playing was slow and sweet, although I never heard much music I knew that this was well played. There were no faults. No mistakes. It was unlike my life were there were so many that I was practically drowning in it.
    I stopped walking when I reached the closed door. I put my head against it. I could just feel the vibrations through the wooden door. I didn’t want the music to stop, but I know that it would. It always does. When you find something that’s good for you it stops because you can’t have too much of the good things in your life. Somehow the good thing never last as long as the bad things.
    The music stoped. I pull my ear away from the door and step back staring at the light coming out from under the gap. There was a shadow. To be exact it was a shadow of a person. It could have been girl or boy, it didn’t matter which. I knew someone on the other side, knew I was there, listening to their music. Listening to their heart, since that’s were most musicians play from.
     I wonder if anyone knew what he/she was playing for. Were they trying to get someone’s attention? I know if I played an instrument that I’ll play to be heard. I also know though, what it’s like not to be heard. What it’s like for people to listen but not go any farther because they are scared about seeing the truth of how much it hurts to play, and not be heard.
    Even though I don’t have my ear to the door I know that someone’s leaning against it. I know that they think they are finally being heard after nights of playing music, someone has stop to hear what they want to be heard. But I’m not here to listen. I’m here because I’m the one who needs to be heard.
      I walked away; away from the door. I didn’t want to listen to them. I want them to listen to me. I can see though that’s not going to happen; we are both fighting for that on spot on the stage. I knew, we knew that there was only enough room for one, so I more way from the door. 


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