If We Could Only Turn Back Time (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Nikki Kubler is just a regular 18 year old girl who fell in love. Nikki is no different than any other 18 year old, well I mean, not really. Nikki is in love with Niall Horan, only difference is, he's in love with her too. Nikki has never had a perfect life, her parents are constantly nagging her about her grades making her do drugs from a young age, her brother absolutely wants nothing to do with her and "It" keeps her awake at night, haunting her so she will never forget. One more thing, the love of her life is dead.


2. Author's Note

    So this is my first movella and it probably is really bad. If you have any suggestions on how I can make it better please feel free to speak up. Should I keep going on this story? It would be absolutely amazing if you liked this story or even are reading it at all. I'm pretty sure no one is ever gonna read this but if you do thank you so much!!!! If you are reading this I love you!!!! Tell me if I should continue. I will try and update in a timely manner. Thanks again.

                                                                                          Morgan xxx

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