Amelia Handon was out one night with a her best friends Penelope and Mya. What happens when they are all Kidnapped,beaten, and much worse things.


1. One

Amelia's P.O.V

Me, Penelope, and Mya decided to walk home from a party. The streets were quite, the thing you heard was the occasional car zooming by and the sound of our heels on the pavement. We didn't really speak we just walked . Finally Mya spoke. "That party was fun", she said as she tucked her hair behind her ear. I nodded in agreement. "Yes it was but, it could of had more guys", said Penelope. Penelope is a flirt, she loves meeting guys. Its hard for her to find the right one without getting her heart broken.



"It could have", I said. I looked at the street sign. Harlington Road. This is the dangerous side of town. This is the part where you always hear stories of murders, rapes, and mysterious disappearances. I shivered at those thoughts. Up ahead I could see a guy I couldn't make out exactly who he was or what he looked like but, I could tell its a guy.


"Hey theres a guy up there", I pointed ahead. A smiled appeared on Penelope's face . "Lets go check him out". I wanted to tell her that wouldn't be a great idea but, I don't want to argue with her. We neared him. "Hello cutie", Penelope said. We stood in front of him. He snickered at us. His eyes roamed up and down our bodies. "He's checking us out", I whispered to Mya. She giggled and said "Good".


He isn't too bad looking. He spoke with a unrecognizable accent. "Hello beautiful's" His voice seemed husky but, soothing. He and Penelope engaged in a conversation. They talked for a bit. "Wow Mya Penelope can go on forever", I said. She laughed at my remark. "Yes she can". For some odd reason we had no problem standing on this dangerous side of town speaking to some cute stranger. He walked down an alley. Penelope turned to face us. "He told us to wait here", she said. Her smile seemed like it was plastered on her face.


A few moments later he returned. I could now see his hair is dark but, not black. "Come with me". We followed behind. "Where are we going" Mya whispered to me. "I don't know", I answered. He opened a door and we walked in.


As soon as we did I felt someone grab me from behind....

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