I Can Love You More Than Him

I love Dillian? Right? Or do I just love who he used to be? Maybe he's not the man who he used to be. I mean that Dillian would never hit me. But Dillian has changed. And then there's Harry...


2. Sorry

I followed Kaelyn through the crowded mall, shopping bags weighing me down. "Hurry up." Kaelyn called back to me from a couple feet in front of me. Suddenly I felt a shoulder ram into me causing me to stumble backwards to the ground. Bags of clothes and shoe boxes slid across the tile flooring. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry. Are you ok." Somebody said quickly. I looked up. A curly-haired man was extending his arm out to me. I took it and he helped me up. "I'm so sorry about that." He said scratching the back of his neck. I stared dumbly into his sparkleing green eyes. "Um huh." was all I managed to get out. I pulled nervously at my sleeve, then bent down to recheive my stuff that had scattered around the floor of the mall. "Let me help." The man said, dropping to his knees and gently putting the clothes back into their bags. I stood up a minuete later after collecting everything. The man stood up to and I saw him slip a piece of paper, probaly a rieceit, into one of the bags. "I'm Harry, b-by the way." He said handing me the bags. He smiled as his cheeks turned a rosy red. I bit my lip to keep from giggling and said "I'm Milly." Harry's smile widened, indenting his cheeks with the most adorable little dimples.
"I'll see you around Milly." He winked, then turned quickly and sauntered off.
"What was that?" Kaelyn asked coming to stand next to me. I shrugged, then relised that had been swaying back and forth like a flirty little girl. I stopped as Kaelyn looked at me, grinning wickedly. "You like him." she accused.
"No I don't." I argued as my cheeks turned beat red. My phone beeped, indacating that I had a new message.
From Dillian:
come home baby.

I read the text then looked at Kaelyn, tears already springing to my eyes.
"What if he's still mad?" I asked her scared.
"He's not." she promised. "He really does love you, you know. He just..." She stopped her eyes looking blankly at the ground. "Nevermind."
What was that suposed to mean?! 'Nevermind'!
We walked back to the car and threw our bags in the back. I climbed into the passenger seat and Kaelyn drove. As we neared the house, I saw a car parked on the side of the road near my house. And There was Dillian, Leaning casually aginst the hood if the car.
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