I Can Love You More Than Him

I love Dillian? Right? Or do I just love who he used to be? Maybe he's not the man who he used to be. I mean that Dillian would never hit me. But Dillian has changed. And then there's Harry...


7. Liam Knows


Harry's POV
I drove home emotions swirling around my brain. I wondered If I had done anything wrong this time-or if Mily knew knew about the things I've done in the past. I shook the thought out of my head there is no way she possibly know. So I drove around the city of London(a/n not sure if we mentioned but there in London) which has lost its usual sparkle. The radio played quietly but I ignored it. But there was one thing on my mind that I couldn't ignore. No matter how hard I tried the thought of her kept forcing its way into my mind. I loved Mily. There was no way around it. I started sobbing uncontrollably. After a while I decide to go home.
I threw the door open and swept my curls out of my face.
"thats not fair!" Zayn shouted at Louis. They were both focused on the tv screen playing FIFA. Niall sneaked up behind Zayn and slammed his hand over zayn's eyes blocking his view. Zayn stood up furiously, turning to face Niall. I walked past the others without saying a word. Niall's laugh floated through the the room as I walked into my bedroom shutting the door behind me. I sat on my bed dropping my head in my hands. It Hurt. It hurt how Mily would pick her abusive boyfriend over me. But I knew It wasn't her fault. If anything it was my fault. I was the one who fell for her and made her part of my heart. It was my own emotion that messed it up for me. There was a light knock at my door. It swing open and Liam walked in crossing his arms over his chest. He looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to say something. 
"Haz, are you ok?" he asked, when I wouldn't speak . Then his eyes widened and he closed the door behind him, making sure to lock it before rushing to my side.
 "Whats wrong with your lip?" he asked, laying his hand on my cheek and turning me to face him. 
"Harry, what did you do? Answer me!" Liam's voice was rising. I swallowed the lump in my throat.
 "Im fine, Liam. Nothings wrong." "I didn't ask you if anything was wrong. If you did something. You're gonna have to fess up." 
"I didn't do anything Liam! I ran into a girl at the mall, that's it!" I said. Liam wasn't having any of it. 
"That doesn't explain the bruises, Harry!"
 "Fine! I followed the girl home and her boyfriend was there and he forced her to go into the house with him and she was screaming for him to stop." Liam looked dumbstruck. But waited for me to continue. I took in a shuddering  breath 
"And so I ran up to him and told him to give her to me. I grabbed her and ran her over to the couch and when I turned around an he was running at me and he knocked me over and it turned into an all-out fist fight." I confessed. Liam nodded and hugged me. It was so easy to tell Liam things because I knew he'd be there to help me and comfort me.
 "Thats not why your upset, is it?" Liam asked. I shook my head defeatedly. 
"Explain." Liam pressured 
"well after that she ran out of the house and I chased her. I talked to her and then we walked back. I asked her if she really wanted to go back to her boyfriend  or if he making her and she just nodded." 
"Harry, she coulda meant that her boyfriend was making her." 
"No!" I protested. (a/n haha"no" Jimmy protested) 
"I know what she meant. She chose him over me!"  Liam opened his mouth but there was a sudden loud crash from the other room 
"Niall did it!" we heard Louis yell. Liam gave me a we'll-talk-about-this-later look then left the room to see what the boys broke.

(a/n) Hey it's Nicole I'm in Gatlingburg. Be jelly ;) but we wanted to thank you all so much for reading And commenting and favoriting this book. It means a lot to us. We love our readers-Nicole and Delise

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