I Can Love You More Than Him

I love Dillian? Right? Or do I just love who he used to be? Maybe he's not the man who he used to be. I mean that Dillian would never hit me. But Dillian has changed. And then there's Harry...


14. Grocery Shopping

Dillian's POV
I lay awake , listening to the sounds of Mily's deep slow breathing. She had been asleep for a while. I closed my eyes trying to find sleep. It didn't work. It was only now i noticed the dead silence. I opened my eyes and looked over at Mily. Suddenly her arms flew out and her legs started kicking. I bolted upright in bed just as Mily started to scream. "MILY! WAKE UP!" I yelled. I grabbed her shoulders and shook her until her eyes flew open. I could see her eyes shining with tears through the darkness of the room. She made a chocked noise in her throat then buried her head in my shoulder sobbing uncontrollably. I ran my fingers through he hair softly. "It's okay baby. It was just a dream." She nodded and sniffled. I kissed her forehead lightly then lifted her face toward mine.  I rubbed my thumbs against her cheek. "You're okay babe." I sad studying her eyes to make sure she was calmed down. I laid back down again. Mily lay next to me and I put an arm around her, pulling her to me. "Try to get back to sleep." I whispered kissing her again. I closed my eyes and fell asleep with Mily in my arms. 

Mily's POV
My eyes fluttered open and i instantly noticed the empty spot next to me on the bed. I frowned and got out of bed. I walked downstairs looking for Dillian. I didn't see him in the living room or the kitchen. "Dillian?" I called out but was only met by the silence of an empty house. I sighed. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Nothing. Which meant i needed to go shopping again. I grabbed my car keys and headed out to the car. 
       I drove to the grocery and headed inside. I loaded my cart and was heading toward the checkout when I saw that i had forgotten to pick up bread. I walked back to where the bread was located and reached for one. Somebody else had reached for the bread at the same time. "Oh." I said pulling my hand back and looking at the man who had picked up the bread. He had brown eyes and a friendly smile on his face. Sorry." He said, and handed me the bread. "You look familiar." I said as i took the bread. "Oh, I'm Liam ." He said holding out his hand. "I don't believe we've met." 
"I'm Mily." I said, shaking his hand. Liam's smile widened. "Do you happen to know a Harry?" He questioned. I nodded. "Im Harry's bandmate. Harry's told me about you." Liam explained. My mouth dropped. "You know  Harry?" 
He grinned. "Yes, in fact, I just sent him to get  some cereal. He should be back in a minute." As if on cue, Harry walked up with a box of cereal in his hand. 
"Mily!" He exclaims when he sees me. A grin spreads across his face.  He throws the cereal Liam's cart then wraps his arms around me. "Long time no-see." He says as if we had known each other our whole life. I smile silently, hugging him back. "Hey are you doing anything later, because i was wondering if we can hang out and talk and stuff." He asks, a blush creeping onto his cheeks. I laugh. 
"Sure." I answer. 
"Great!" Harry says. He pulls out a piece of paper and writes something on it. He hands it to me. "Here's my number he says." I take it and put it in my pocket. "Thanks, i guess I'll see you later then, Harry. " 
"Yea." Harry says nodding, "See yah." He replies and him and Liam walk away. For some reason i feel my cheeks heat up. I suddenly notice that my hands are shaking. There's a weird feeling in my stomach that i can't quite place. Was I feeling something for Harry? 

(A/n) hahaha Dillian's POV. What do you think about Harry and Mily. Marry or Millian? (Sorry those names suck but oh well) please comment and favourite. It means alot :) ~Nicole 

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