I Can Love You More Than Him

I love Dillian? Right? Or do I just love who he used to be? Maybe he's not the man who he used to be. I mean that Dillian would never hit me. But Dillian has changed. And then there's Harry...


11. Apples

Ok so we're calling the chapter 'Apple's' because appaerntly Nicole is eating an apple.. Yeah we usually update over text so I found out because she said "Call it apples, Delise!!" "Why?" "Because I'm eating an apple." so yeah also WE ARE PISSED OFF THAT PEOPLE THINK ZAYN DID WHATEVER THAT HAPPENED IN BOSTON A COUPLE DAYS AGO!! Not all Muslim people are bad ok! I get mad about crap like that.. Any ways before  I literally blow up on u guys read 'Let Go' and 'Drive To The Stars' by @sstylesbaby_yep. Sorry for the long authors note we love readers and here's the chapter!!                                                                                 ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Mily POV

I slowly walked back down the stairs to Dillian. He looked at the floor and scratched te back of his neck nervously. He motioned to the couch and I sat down. He sat next to me and folded his fingers together. For a moment he didn't speak. He just stared at the floor. His eyes were wide as if he was remembering somthing painful. Finally he took a deep breath and rushed right into his story, "When I was five, my mom died. They said that she poisoned  herself, but I knew she wasn't the type to commit suicide. My dad was evil. After my mom died he beat me like he had been waiting to do so all of his life. He never fed me so I usually went to bed starving. He never let me out of the house because he didnt want the public to see my scars as bruises he made on me. But one day when i was 15 I managed to sneak out. I went to a neighbors and i told her everything that had happened to me. She called the cops and when they got back to my house they said my dad wasn't there and that he must've fled. So I left the city and came here to try and forget everything that had happened." Dillian's tragic story left me speechless. I felt so bad for everything he had to go through. I realised that Dillian was crying. Suddenly Dillian stood up. In anger he flipped the coffee table that stood in front of the sofa. He screamed in rage. "He killed my mom!" He shouted, "He poisoned her and didn't think anything of it!" Dillian crumpled to the floor and began weeping. I quickly kneeled next to him and embraced him. "Dillian it's okay." I said. Dillian raised his tear-stained face and hurt, broken, revengeful eyes stared into mine. "I want him dead." Dillian's voice was trembling with anger.  I just stared sorrowfully into Dillian's eyes. I kissed him and he kissed back. In a moment he was on top of me. We were kissing fiercely. We were putting all of our emotions into that kiss. His tears wetted my face, making my cheeks sting. I suddenly understood why Dillian was the way he was. He was just broken. He was just bruised. He didn't like to mess up. Every negative word hurt him. His dad had made him so easy to bruise, like an apple. He was fine until you let go of him and he crashed to the ground and then you can see the scars he tries to hide.  "I can help you Dillian." I said pushing our lips apart. "You never deserved to be treated like that. Just trust me, ok?" Dillian nodded. I have just figured out a way to get the old Dillian back. The one that only cared about us. The one that didn't care about the past, but only cared about now. 


(A/n) sorry about the long wait. I was very busy. I will try to update as much as I can now that its summer. 

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