A Turn of Events

When everyone thought it was over, it was just the beginning. Snow was killed but that didn't mean that the games wouldn't continue. Coin mad with power has started the games again. But this year is special, being the 90th games and all. The odds are defiantly not in the favor of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark's daughter.


2. No going Back

          “Faster Alex, they’re gaining!” I leaped over the log and tried to run faster, my legs ached as I pushed forward. “They’re getting closer.” I looked back to see Carter and James gaining, I tightened my grip on the bow and took a sharp turn to the right, the two boys running past but then stopping and following. I was able to gain a few feet of distance between us. I laughed and slide to a stop quickly climbing a tree up to the slim slender branches.

            “Try and get me now!” I screamed down as they came to a stop at the trunk of the tree. From here I could see their chest move heavily up and down. “Aw too bad.” I stuck out my bottom lip and laughed I sat down and pulled an ‘arrow’ from the quiver, I pulled it back and ‘shot’. We weren’t allowed to actually practice with real weapons, in case someone really got hurt. “Carter I shot you!” my brother stopped mid-sentence rolled his eyes and fell to the ground. James looked up smirked and started to climb the tree. I watched with amusement as he tried to reach me.

            “Wrong move Alex.” He looked up and threw a fake spear. I stood and jumped to the branch below me barely missing it. He smiled as he started to get closer. “I’m coming for you.” He got closer and closer till the branches bend under his weight.

            “I wouldn’t put my foot there if I was you.” He slipped, “Or there.” I pointed laughing as he struggled to get his grip. I pulled out an arrow and once again pretended to shoot it hopefully he wouldn't try and dodge it. Once again it made its mark, “I win!” I yelled for my mother and father to hear. I started climbing down to join James he smiled at me

            “Congratulations Ms. Everdeen Mellark.” I shook his hand with a wide smile, “Come one let’s get down from here.”

            “Race you.” I laughed quickly making my way down the tree to the lush green plants below. James came crashing down broken off branches flew at me along with leaves. “Cheater!”

            “It’s not me it’s the tree.” He laughed getting closer, we ended up landing on the ground at the same time we stopped and looked at each other

            “I won!” we screamed in unison, I shoved him and he barely moved I tried again and yet again he didn’t budge. “We all know I won.” Carter had gotten up looking at the two of us like we were a deer that started talking.

            “Stop flirting with each other.” My cheeks started to turn a rosy red I turned away and looked at the ground

            “I’m not flirting with him.” I stepped away from him and looked at Carter; he had a smirk spread across his lips. “Where are mom and dad?” Crossing my arms over my chest I looked around us, nothing was there but the greenness of the forest.

            “They had to go back into town Haymitch needed them.” I slumped back on the tree trunk and sighed. A few seconds past before I straightened fully alerted. “Alex, wha--” I shushed him crouching down,

            “Be quiet.” I whispered motioning for them to get low. I closed my eyes listening closely. There it was again. “Come on.” I moved into the bushes hiding myself. The boys soon followed, I pulled an arrow out from my quiver and pulled it back, i didn’t move for the fear that I might move the leaves around me. I held my breath then stood suddenly the arrow pointing into the chest of someone.

           “Wow.” He held his hands up in surrender. When I realized who it was I lowered the arrow and looked back to the boy.

          “Josh I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed, Josh was James twin brother, but not only that he the one out of the twins that I liked. Not like in the friend way but more. Carter and James both stood behind me clearly confused

           “Why are you out here?” James moved out of the bushes to stand beside his brother.

           “Mom’s looking for you, reaping is tomorrow and she wants to talk to us.” James looked back at me with an apologetic smile

           “I’ll see you guys later,” He turned away and headed off through the brush he stopped abruptly and looked back “Oh and I won sweetheart.” He laughed before he continued walking; I rolled my eyes and looked at Carter,

           “I think we should be getting back too.” He nodded and grabbed the weapons that had been on the floor next to us. “Let’s go put these back first.”


         After we returned the arrows, bow, and swords into the hollowed out tree trunk we snuck under the gate and back into town. Carter had left to the mines, said he needed to go talk to someone. I went towards the center of town there was hardly anyone out. I went into the candy shop the small bell ringing as I opened the door.

          “Hello Alexandra.” Mr. Thorn waved to me,

          “Hi Mr. Thorn, is Hayden here?” He nodded and pointed towards the back. I smiled and walked through the hanging beads that lead to the upstairs part of the shop, which was their home.

          “Hayden?” I looked around the corner to see her sitting there braiding her little sisters hair.

          “Oh hey, what’s up?” She looked up briefly before going back to her work.

          “Do you still want to borrow a dress for tomorrow?” I sat down on one of the arm chairs and crossed my legs.

         “Only if you want to lend one to me.” I looked at her and scoffed

        “Of course I do, I also got one for Daisy.” Her little sister smiled and looked at me revealing that her two front teeth were now missing. “You both can come by anytime today so you can see them.” I lifted myself off the couch and headed back down the stairs. I grabbed a few bags of assorted candy and handed Mr. Thorn the money.

         “Have a good day Alexandra.”

         “You too!” I called as I walked out the door and towards the victor’s village. Tomorrow one girl and one boy would be picked to fight to the death. No one knew who it would be and two families will be grieving for their son and daughter who are now tributes in the 90th Hunger Games. The odds will defiantly not be in their favor.


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