A Turn of Events

When everyone thought it was over, it was just the beginning. Snow was killed but that didn't mean that the games wouldn't continue. Coin mad with power has started the games again. But this year is special, being the 90th games and all. The odds are defiantly not in the favor of Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark's daughter.


1. A Single Shot

The faint rapping of knuckles woke me, nearly being blinded by the early morning light fluttering into my room. Quickly I covered my face groaning in disagreement with the sunshine. Just as fast as I had covered myself with the blanket it was gone, leaving me to feel cold and exposed.

            “Alex it’s time to get up.” Of course my dad would be waking me up; Mom was always out with my older brother by now. Leaving me to sleep for another hour just because I was the youngest.

            “Dad, do I really have too? It’s like 3 in the morning.” I curled up into a ball trying to warm myself from the soft breeze carrying a chilly kiss. The bed went down at the corner followed by my father’s warm scent. He always baked in the middle of the night to get his mind of the nightmares, the ones from the games. I open my eyes and see him looking out the window his eyes focused on something, I sat up slowly and placed my hand on his shoulder. For just a second his eyes widened with fear as he turned towards me. “Dad?” He closed his eyes tight before getting off of the bed,

            “I’m fine.” He looked down at me before smiling weakly. “Come on honey, we have to go practice.” Getting out of bed the cold wind struck my body sending shivers everywhere. I cringed before closing the window tight and walking towards the closet, I pulled on my under armour leggings, and a spin tank quickly grabbing the black hoodie from the hanger. I sunk down to the floor looking for my shoes. Groaning in protest I laid back ready but not wanting to get up and go.

            “I don’t want to.” Rolling onto my stomach I pushed myself up and walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I quickly braided my hair to the side and went downstairs. “Hello?” no answer, closing the door behind me I scowled. I hated training, especially if it was for the games. They push us hard, and we don’t stop till it’s long into the afternoon. Making my way out of the victor’s village I took a sharp turn towards the forest, everything was quiet of course few would be up at this hour.

            “Hi, Alex.” Stopping in my tracks I turned around to see James Kenwood. He stood against a tree his arms crossed over his chest.

            “I..erm Hi James.” It was awkward being around, not only because he was very good looking but because he knew that my family had been training out of the boundaries. The forest was restricted, the only reason he found out was for some unknown reason I hadn’t been paying attention one day and he ended up following up into the forest.

            “You’re up very early, doesn’t a girl need her beauty sleep?” he chuckled standing straight.

            “What about you? Why are you up.” He stood right in front of my now he was a lot taller than me of course. I was short being 5’3 he was about 5’9 or something.

            “I’m here to escort you of course, I hear that the forest are pretty dangerous especially for someone so small.” I scoffed and shoved him away

            “I am not small, and I can take care of myself.” I marched away but the sound of pounding feet followed me.

            “Wait up!” He laughed when catching up

            “I said no James, go home.”

            “Oh come on Alex it’s not like I haven’t been out there before.” I stopped and looked at him again

            “You know what, whatever if you want to come then come.” Walking ahead I smirked “Just don’t get eaten by a bear.”


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