The Seven Sisters

Stella is not the least bit excited about leaving to Hawaii for the summer to stay with her strict mother. For any normal eighteen year old, Hawaii is the perfect summer vacation, but with a mom like Stella's, she'll be lucky if she see's the sun from her summer school window. Thinking that that would be the only problem to face, Stella takes off to Honolulu with her sister, and realizes that sometimes it's not the destination that changes your life; it's the journey.


2. 'Til you burn out

     I gripped the edges of my seat, trying my hardest to not explode right then and there. I was definitely being tested today. Absolutely nothing was going right, and now to make matters worse, I would have to spend this excruciating flight sitting right next to my worst nightmare, Harry Styles.

     "Hi, I'm Harry," he said, extending his large hand. I looked at it for a moment, contemplating the consequences, but still reached out and shook it. If there's anything I've learned about people, it's that nothing can transform two people from strangers to acquaintances more than a simple handshake. His hand was surprisingly soft, tender. His grip was strong and firm, showing he was confident in meeting me. He kept my hand in his for a long moment before releasing. His green eyes looked intently into mine, taking in my blue ones as if they were all he had. I felt him slowly release my hand, as if not wanting to. His soft laughter snapped me back into reality and I realized I hadn't responded to him.

     "Hi, Harry. I'm Stella." I responded flatly. "Lovely name." He smiled. I rolled my eyes at his cheeky grin and put my headphones back in, not caring that I was sitting next to someone that millions of girls would kill to even be in the presence of. I was almost back in my own world again when Harry started up a conversation with me, obviously not wanting to lose my attention. "So what's taking you to Hawaii today?" He asked curiously. Who cares, I thought to myself.

     "My mom." I replied in a heavy breath. "She yanks me and my sister back to her place every summer with intentions of us not wanting to leave. She has these expectations of us, that we'll end up as smart, successful lawyers, just as she was. She's delusional." I sputtered the words out, possibly exposing more of myself than I should have. I expected Harry to have zoned out within the first sentence, but when I looked his face, he seemed like he really heard me. His expression showed he was really curious, truly concerned of what I had revealed about myself in only our first conversation.

     "I gather, you don't want to be like her." Harry replied, that same sense of wonder in his voice.

     "Yeah. She's that strict, sophisticated type. I'm the complete opposite, I have a passion for art, which is why she'd nearly disowned me when I gave up my acceptance to Harvard for the one to the art academy in New York, where my dad lives. Yet for some reason she has high hopes that I may change my ways each Summer I spend with her, but the end of the break brings the same disappointing conclusion. Well, disappointing on her terms. I'm more than ecstatic to return to New York to live my dream as an artist. My sister Danielle however, seems to be on the right track. Although she's only six, my mom is compulsive about making sure she ends up like her, and nothing like me." I look to him again and realized I had been rambling on about myself again. I guess since I've never really talked about my family life before, I just sputtered out every last detail.

     He smiled, with a simple, "Wow." I shook my head and laughed softly. I assumed I should probably ask him what led him to take this plane, although I really didn't care.

     "Well, what put you in this seat? I'm sure it's much more interesting than my boring old story." He shook his head, looking out the window which sat right beside me. "I got bored," he said simply, "London took me to New York, New York took me to Hawaii Who knows what that will take me to." Typical celebrity. Living by their own rules, not caring what other people want them to do, just heading off into the distance and taking what comes at you without hesitation. Life isn't like that for me. Everything's planned out, as I do things to meet other people's needs, not able to catch a breath.

     "Sounds nice." I sighed. "But, doesn't that get old? Shouldn't you have a plan? Shouldn't you be more prepared? What if something happens tomorrow?" He laughed. "Stella, the question isn't 'what if something happens tomorrow?'. The question is, 'what if tomorrow doesn't happen?'. Have you got any interest in stars?" I nodded. "You'll notice, as they sit up in the sky, they seem infinite, but at some point they burn out. It's not expected, but it happens to all of them. That's why they shine so bright, they've got no light to waste."

     I took this in, contemplating whether it made sense or not. "Oh. Well best of luck on your shining then Harry," I smiled. He nodded and sat back in his seat, closing his eyes as the plane began its take off. I looked out the window to the ground that took its distance from me.

     Maybe Harry was right, maybe life was about shining all you can until you burn. However, maybe he had no idea what he was saying. I sighed and put my headphones in, highly anticipating the moment the plane lands in Honolulu. Then the next step would be to get this Summer over with and return home to New York. All I wanted to do was to get back and get started on my life again.

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